Banking Options

Depending on where you are situated in the world, being able to create an account at online sportsbooks is not the only problem that arises for potential players, but finding banking options that you can actually utilize to fund your account. New laws are continuously passed when it comes to gambling, and some even prohibit financial institutions from processing transactions to online gambling operators. You also have the problem of high fees on using most services and trying to figure out which payment processor you actually can make use of.

Here you will find a list of the most popular payment processors used by online betting sites and the ones that we recommend and use ourselves.


neteller logoNeteller is our preferred method of doing online banking, even if we are from a place that allows VISA credit card transfers. There are several good reasons to choose Neteller as your ewallet of choice. Whether you need exceptional security, like to enjoy swift money transfers or just need a better way of funding your online betting accounts, Neteller is the place to go. We can wholeheartedly recommend this outstanding ewallet for your funding process.

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skrill logoAlthough Neteller has everything we need, Skrill is a good alternative as an ewallet. They function in much the same way, where security is of utmost importance and quick transfers is to be found as well. The main difference is between their fee structure. Skrill takes a fee for every deposit you do to a betting portal, and since we love to bet and gamble, this takes too much a dent out of our bankroll. Depending on your situation, this might be a better option, and it is great choice no matter what.

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paypal logoThe most popular payment method online now allows you to deposit to gambling sites as well. Since you probably already use PayPal for all your other online payments, why not use it for cricket betting as well? There is still a limited pool of sites that offer this service as it is not only costly, but also somewhat risky for the betting sites to offer this up, so it seems only the most reputable and stable bookmakers will offer this. Take advantage if you can here!

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entropay logoWant something other than the most popular ewallets or have tried them all and don’t like them or can’t use them? Then Entropay is a great alternative to fund your online cricket betting accounts. It works the same way as Neteller and the others and has great customer support. The main downside is that it is a bit expensive to use at some sites, but it is worth it if you can’t make any other payment option work for you. Check it out if you are one of those that like something different!

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bitcoin logoIf you are good with computers and know the ins and outs of most things accompanied with it. You like swift withdrawals and low fees? I believe we have the banking option for you! Bitcoin is a new currency that has no actual money attached to it, it only exists on the web. It is fast and easy to use (once you know how to) and it allows for complete anonymity. We love it and use it quite frequently and now there have popped up a couple of solid bookmakers that accept Bitcoin, making things a lot easier when it comes to banking.

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About Ewallets

Many that are betting online have taken up the usage of ewallets. This is a great alternative to using credit cards, that might not be an option in your region, or bank transfers, which takes forever to process. By using an ewallet, you get safer, swifter and better banking options overall when it comes to funding your gambling accounts.

The way an ewallet works is that it basically is an online bank account. You send money to your account here just like you would send money to your friends or pay an utility bill. The reason this often is a good option for some players is that these ewallets allows you to transfer to and from online sportsbooks without any restrictions, as well as depositing and withdrawing to and from the ewallet from your local bank account is without restrictions as well, since these are often used for other things besides gambling as well.