Kell Brook vs Errol Spence Jr

May 27th, Saturday Night IBF Title Fight
Kell Brook vs Errol Spence Jr Betting Odds

Fight Night

Boxing has been explosive the last few years and that has all come to a head this year. A few weeks ago we watched Anthony Joshua beat one of the greatest living legends in the sport. It was an outcome that I predicted; it was a fighter that I have watched for years and one whose rise I also predicted.

Another fighter that I have watched for some time and have tipped to do well is Kell Brook. He didn’t have his way against GGG as I said he wouldn’t. But he put up a great fight and he is now back at a more comfortable weight, fighting a guy he should also be more comfortable with.

The question is, can Brook get the better of Errol Spence Jr? Will this fight also prove too much for him? Has the rest been enough to get him back on track or has his eye-socket injury changed him for the worse?

We’ll find out this Saturday and I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun doing it. But before we get to that big fight there are a few undercard fights that are well worth watching. In fact, one of them could give us a chance to witness a future Anthony Joshua in action, as another potential star of the sport looks to make his mark.

The Undercard

There are some interesting undercard fights here, as is usually the case with these Matchroom events. The one I am most interested in is Okolie vs Henshaw. I know he’s not as big of a name as some of the others and I know it is a dead cert that he will win, but I really want to see this guy in action.

If you get a chance then make sure you catch this fight. You will not be disappointed as it’s sure to be an early end after an explosive shot. The George Groves fight will also be a good fight to watch and should end with a KO victory for the Englishman. David Allen has proved to be an interesting fighter too.

He might not have the most power and he might not be the most entertaining in the ring, but he has a chin of granite and can take anything that anyone can throw at hm.

The Main Fight

Kell won himself a lot of fans last time out. He didn’t win the fight and some will say that they threw in the towel too early. But he stepped up two weight classes to fight a man that no one wanted to fight. People in GGG’s devision didn’t want to fight him, and Brook wasn’t afraid. That shows something, and he was also great to watch on the night.

The only question hanging over him is how has he handled the time out and how didn’t he handle the injury? It was pretty horrific. He could have been blinded and apparently the surgery to fix the issue was just as horrific. It’s rare for boxers to let big injuries like that get to them, but it does happen and it’s easy to see why.

He will not be worried about that eye. Both he and his corner will be focusing on it. He’ll feel every punch and worry about the damage it has done, while his corner, the ref and everyone else will be zeroing in on it. One of the greatest British boxers of the last generation, Chris Eubank, has his career affected by the fact that he nearly killed someone in the ring. He lost his killer instinct after that and he was a much poorer boxer for it.

I would hope that would not happen to Brook, but there is a chance.

The fight will be for the IBF Welterweight title, which Brook still holds after taking it from Shawn Porter back in 2014 and then retaining it against Gavin, Bizier and Dan (GGG was in a different weight class). Without a doubt Spence is better than those fighters and it’s fair to say that he is on par with Porter.

This will be a tough fight for the both of them.

Kell Brook

Brook is a tactical fighter, but he also has the speed and the power needed to really excel in this division. He is by far the best in the division and he is a joy to watch. There has been a lot of talk about him and Amir Khan. They both claim to be better than one another and Brook wants a fight, while Khan claims Brook isn’t big enough.

So, while Khan has been chasing Mayweather and other impossible names, before settling for people that have beaten him, Brook has continued his rise. It wasn’t as clear in the beginning, but now it should be clear to everyone that Brook is a far better fighter than Khan. They might still fight, but it would be nothing more than a payday for Brook. Quite frankly, Khan doesn’t deserve a shot at the title, whereas Spence does.

Errol Spence

This will be Spence’s 22nd fight. By comparison he is inexperienced, and he also hasn’t been in the ring with as many big names. He hasn’t tasted defeat, and he has enjoyed wins against Chris Algieri and a couple other big names. There is no Shawn Porter or GGG on his form card though and that could prove telling.

It’s never easy to judge these fighters when you don’t see them against the big names. But he has easily beaten everyone put in front of him and he has looked impressive doing so. Also, he managed to beat Algieri in 5 rounds even though Pacquiao and Khan couldn’t stop him at all.

Spence also has plenty of experience outside the professional ranks. He won three consecutive US National Championships and is ranked as one of the ten best in the division by all major organizations.

His skill has also proved big hit with the public. In his fight with Bundu he attracted one of the biggest US TV audiences ever for Boxing, which is great for a non-title fight. He deserves his shot and he will fancy his chances of getting an extra US name on the world’s title belts.

The Tip

I can’t see beyond Kell Brook for this. There are some doubts over him regarding how he will fight and how he will last when he takes a few punches, but I can’t see it being an issue. He will have sparred, he will have gotten over any issues that he had and any fear that lingered.

He is also a very confident fighter. As soon as he steps into that ring the showman and the fighter will come out and he will focus on the job at hand. I think he will start slow but I have a feeling that he will come into his own in the 3rd round and after that he will begin to boss the fight.

I would be very surprised if he ended this early. I think there is a very good chance that it will go the distance and that Brook will get the win on points. They both have power and a TKO finish is always a possibility, but they are too evenly matched and I don’t think they will be willing to commit like they need to do for this to end early.

So, get your money on Brook to win on points. You can also get a good price (around 2.20) just for a Brook win if you want to stay covered for all eventualities.

Brook by Decision 5.00

Betting Tip: Brook by Decision, 5.00 @ Bet365

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