£1,000,000 Giveaway at bet365

One of our favourite sports bettors online is undoubtedly bet365. If you do your online cricket betting anywhere, this is definitely a good place to start. Plenty of markets available and the odds are certainly in your favour. But that’s not all bet365 has to offer and every once in a while it’s worth it to check out the casino as well.

Play selected games for your chance to win a share of £1,000,000

Play selected games for your chance to win a share of £1,000,000

A cash giveaway for the ages

Bet365 does this cash giveaway several times a year. It’s been a while since the last time and we’ve been expecting a last one to take place before the year was over. And so, once more, here we are. Over the next four weeks there will be 8 promotional periods, each followed by a prize draw and a total of 60,000 cash prizes that will be handed out. Winners will share £1,000,000 during that time.

And it’s not difficult to play at all. Simply wager €11/£10 on the selected games during each promotional period and collect tickets into the draw. You can collect as many of those as you like and also end up winning multiple cash prizes each draw.

Below are the dates for the draws, the number of prizes that can be won and their combined value.

Don't forget the prize draw dates!

Don’t forget the prize draw dates!

Which games to play?

The eligible games to play change for each promotional period. There are no more than four, so it’s not that difficult to make you choice. Plus, you can mix it up, because the €11/£10 wagers are cumulative across the four eligible games for each promotional period.

Here they are:

But that’s not all of it. Each week (covering two promotional periods) there is also a designated double ticket game. Here it’s obviously not possible to spread your wagering out across multiple games, because it is only one double ticket game. But each €11/£10 you wager here will earn you two tickets. The games in question are:

As you may have guessed, the promotion will run until the 27th November, until 23:59 GMT to be precise. Do make sure to place only real money wagers. The full terms and conditions are available over at bet365.

We wish you much fun and the best of luck!

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