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india-flagEarly in 2011, a law in India was passed that made it illegal to bet on sports and other internet gambling activities. This for all practical reasons, only made it harder for residents in India to place bets online, as the government only holds the ISPs responsible for blocking the offshore betting sites.

However about 40% of internet users in India has admitted to visiting a gambling site online. There are very few, if none at all, cases where people have been arrested or fined for gambling online in India. States like Sikkim and Goa already have licenses to allow gambling and many more states are following suit. Soon when the government realizes the extent of the revenue they are missing out on they will probably remove this law altogether.

You can read more about gambling in India over at wikipedia. Also, find our overview over the best betting sites for Indian players below.

Recommended Cricket Betting Sites for Indian Players
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5 Bet365 Review £200 Bonus Play Now
5 888sport Review Triple the Winnings Play Now
4.5half Dafabet Review €200 Bonus Play Now
4.5half BetVictor Review £25 Free Bet Play Now
4.5half TitanBet Review £25 Free Bet Play Now
DISCLAIMER: I must warn my readers that whatever you do, you do at your own risk. I will merely provide information as to how you can deposit money and bet on cricket online. I will not guarantee that you are without liability to fines. Please do your own due diligence and make sure you stay on top of the laws in your jurisdiction.

Online Betting Sites for Indian players

Some online betting sites allow customers from India to deposit and bet at their website, but many of these sites don’t specifically cater to the Indian population. They don’t always offer the sports that is popular in India or allow you to use your favored currency, which all makes it very difficult for players from India to bet under comfortable circumstances. However, there are a few bookmakers out there that caters to Indian bettors specifically.

bet365 logoWe would recommend using Bet365 as your bookmaker. Here you can deposit, bet and withdraw using Indian Rupee (INR). This saves you from having to pay expensive exchange fees if you were to deposit using USD or other currencies. They are also very generous when it comes to giving out bonuses and other promotions, and we have not even started talking about their cricket bets selections. Top cricket betting site all over.

dafabet logoOther bookmakers we would recommend for players from India includes Dafabet. These are also very friendly to the market in India and offer lots of betting options on for example cricket, and they also serve the INR currency. They are a new betting site, but cater specifically to Indian players and those that love cricket so it is recommended to check them out.

You can read the reviews for these sites if you go to our cricket betting sites page or see above.

What to Bet on in India

Because of the law, betting from within India is complicated. Since India’s economic expansion, the country has increasingly become a venue capable of staging elite sporting events that are bet on around the world. The most high profile event regularly staged in India, is the glamorous Indian Premier League, attracting the cricketing elite, drawing in big sponsorships and large crowds.

Sport however in not just confined to Cricket as in 2010 Delhi hosted the Common Wealth Games, and boasts one of the largest fan bases for field hockey as well. Increasingly betting sites like are offering betting markets on many sports conducted in India, including of course the Indian Premier League but also the Men’s Hockey Championship, and various badminton and tennis events, as well as the Common Wealth Games.

How to Deposit Funds Online

When you want to open an account to be able to bet online, you need to fund this before you can start betting. Online sportsbooks does not allow betting using credit, so you have to pay them money before you can start betting. Since it officially is illegal to bet online if you live in certain parts of India, there are some of the major and most used funding methods that you cannot use. Credit cards and bank transfers are for the most part out of the question, but there are still several methods to use that will make sure you can be betting on cricket online in no time!

NETeller bannerYour best bet, and what we recommend here, is to open an account at Neteller. This is like an online bank, where you can deposit and withdraw money as you please and everything is done online. Depositing at NEeteller is not prohibited in India and will be legal, while depositing directly to a sportsbook is not. Using Neteller is a breeze and depositing is usually done instantly.

There are other options you can try if you don’t want to use Neteller though. These include Skrill/Moneybookers and Entropay, but in our experience Neteller is the cheapest option. Skrill is just as easy, but we have found their fee structure to be worse for our intention. It is fine for one off transactions, but we expect to win and transact a lot and then Neteller becomes the better option.

How to Withdraw Funds Online

Withdrawing using Neteller is very easy. You cannot use the debit cards that they offer to most countries, however withdrawing back to your own bank account is very easy, and it only takes a few days to get your winnings. If you should have any problems with this, live chat is very helpful in getting your transfers through and making sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

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