The Ashes

The Ashes is the prize trophy given to the victor of the five game Test cricket series between England and Australia. This much anticipated cricket series is played roughly every other year where the host alternates everytime. The Ashes is given to the team that last won it, and they hold it untill the opposing team can manage to win the next meeting. In the case of a draw, the last winner still keeps the trophy for the time left.

History of The Ashes

The history between these two teams goes far back, and this site is more on the betting side of things, so I would probably recommend you visit the wikipedia page on The Ashes history if you want indepth historical nuances. I will give you the gist of it here, to those that want a quick intro to this famous rivalry.

Why is it called The Ashes?

The series between these two nations has not always had this name. At the start of it, back in 1877, it was nameless. It simply comprised of a series of Test matches between these two teams. But after the series in 1882, that all changed.

The Test match looked like it was going in England’s favor yet again, where they had a comfortable lead going into their last batting round. But Australia came back from a seemingly unwinnable position and claimed their first victory on English soil.

After this sour loss, the English reporters created a mock obituary, stating that English cricket was dead. The body were to be cremated and the Ashes sent to Australia. Reporters then went on to state that the English were going to Australia to claim their Ashes back. The Australians had burned something, put it in a small urn (which is now known as the famous trophy) and gave it to the victors. Today, the winners are given a replica, as the original is far too fragile.

Historic Results

Amazingly enough, having played for about 130 years now, with 314 Test matches decided and 67 bouts been fought, the race for the best team is dead-even! Australia has won 31 of 67 meetings, the same as England who also has 31 wins of 67 possible. The last 5 have ended in draws.

For a full overview of the different games that has been played, check out the list of Ashes series.

Teams Competing

As always, there are two teams competing in this series: