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OnlineCricketBetting.net was created to become a leading cricket betting portal on the Internet and helping out fellow bettors finding the best gambling portals to place their (cricket) bets at. Since that, our primary goal has shifted somewhat and now we try to serve our readers with the highest quality articles and best betting tips that you can find online, as well as keep an up to date list of sportsbook reviews.

The focus on our site has shifted towards delivering the best cricket betting tips online, and that for free! The tips are mainly produced by the owner of the site, but often in conjunction with his trusted circle of professional bettors. The sites reviewed on this site are all the ones used by our betting team when analyzing the matches, so these are sportsbooks we use ourselves and can vouch for.

The Owners of OnlineCricketBetting.net

Adrian – Besides being one of the founders, Adrian also holds a masters degree in finance. The analytical skills has always been put to use by all of Adrian's endeavours, and they have done so in poker and sports betting for the last 8 years. He has been a winner at both of these gambling games for all the years he has been active, and has now decided to devote his time trying to teach others to do the same. Given his love for games and the intricacies that comes with them has made these pastimes a lucrative business.

Jon - A master in the coding department, Jon was the one who took this website from its weak start to the state you see it today. He has the expertise in marketing and manages most of the day to day dealings with the website itself. He has also been taken under the wing by Adrian who has showed him the ropes when it comes to sports betting, and Jon has since become quite competent in the world of betting as well.

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