2015 Australian Open Preview - Our Predictions

australian-open-2015-logoUgh, it is almost painful how close we are to the 2015 Cricket World Cup, yet so far. I can hardly wait for it to get underway! And I am guessing you can't either? Since it still are a little under a month left to wait there is good that there are other great sporting events to follow in the meantime. We have already mentioned that we are not only following the cricket scene. That would be weird as bettors. We can't just simply stop betting just because there aren't any cricket games going on, am I right? We wrote a preview for the NFL 2014 season and had some decent predictions. Sucks that we have been so unfortunate with regards to some of them. Green Bay still have a chance to win, but with Rodgers injured it doesn't bode well against the Seahawks. Another sport that we love to bet on is tennis. It is a fast paced sport, just like cricket, that lends itself great to be live bet on as well. If there is a tennis game going on I am often putting a couple of bets down as I watch the live stream at Bet365. Really like to try to determine the flow of the game, and I haven't quite found the groove for that yet, but one who never tries never wins! :P To start out the year there is a big tournament coming up. The 2015 Australian Open is one of the four biggest tournaments in all of tennis, one of the Grand Slams, and all of the pros are gonna go hard to win this one. This gives us viewers plenty of solid games and good odds to play with during the two weeks of tennis betting.

2015 Australian Open Betting Predictions

The tournament starts in only 5 days time and will have both a Men's and Women's tournament, as well as doubles for each group and mixed doubles. Location for the event is set to be Melbourne in Australia. It is played on hard court for the whole series. The most interesting games here is, in my opinion, the singles series. So my focus in this preview will be on these facets.

Andy Murray to Win the 2015 Australian Open

Coming into this tournament there 4 players that seem to be the favorites to claim the title. The ones that have been dominating the scene for the last years. That is Roger Federer, the old fox, Rafael Nadal, the speedy spaniard, Andy Murray, the rugged brit and Novak Djokovic, the solid serbian. Out of all these, Djokovic seems to be the clear favorite this time around. He has been playing out of his mind as of late and really been dominating left and right. Except for the start of 2015 where he lost to Ivo Karlovic in Qatar. Although this might seem big, I don't think he was a 100% focused on that tournament and were looking forward to the first Grand Slam of 2015. The one player that could possibly go head-to-head with this tennis ace would have been Nadal, but we fear that he is still troubled with injuries and aren't in the best of shape for this tournament. I believe he will come back at some point, but he is likely not ready right now. If he is healthy he could have a good chance, but we think this is too big of a gamble to take and will steer clear of betting on him. Roger Federer is also a name that is routinely in the top of any tournament, but he seems to simply be too old now. He is having trouble keeping up with the power AND speed shown from the youngsters, and we believe he will struggle here. You should never count out this sly player, but we don't think he will be able to take it all the way. andy-murrayThat leaves us with the Scotsman Andy Murray. He has had a great career, but it were stopped in its tracks when he had back surgery in 2013. He hasn't fully recovered from it and had a sorry 2014 season. However, he showed glimpses of high quality at the tail end and he might just have found his way back to his great form. He also likes to play in Australia in the Australian Open and will likely go far this time as well. The only players he is struggling against is the best ones in Djokovic and Nadal. With Nadal in bad form and a question mark lurking around Djokovic, could this be the time Murray will take it all? We are willing to bet money on it! Betting Tips: Andy Murray to Win the 2015 Australian Open, 9.00 @ 888sport

Caroline Wozniacki to Win the 2015 Australian Open Women

The Australian Open for Women doesn't have their last years winner competing this year. Na Li retired in late 2014 and will not go for another run. This makes the race quite open where there are several players good enough to take it all this year. Serena Williams seems to be the supreme favorite among them, but we do not like her at the low odds we are offered on backing her to take it all. 3.75 is not enough, even though we have her as the favorite. She hasn't played much leading up to this tournament and have struggled in previous editions of this one. We will keep looking for options. caroline-wozniackiMaria Sharapova is a good alternative in our opinion. She has proved that she is in form when she won a tournament in Brisbane earlier and is looking ready to take on anyone. We like a bet on her to take it all as she gets plenty better odds at Bet365. Another player we like to go all the way is the Danish player Caroline Wozniacki. She has had a solid 2014 season and is looking hungry for her first Grand Slam win. She is a fast paced player that can take on anyone (but also lose to many sub par players) and with the right attitude and some luck can have her going all the way. We like her to make everything work here as well and will put some money on just that. Betting Tips: Maria Sharapova to Win the 2015 Australian Open, 6.00 @ Bet365 Betting Tips: Caroline Wozniacki to Win the 2015 Australian Open, 14.00 @ 888sport

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