Afghanistan close to upset Pakistan with impressive bowling in Asia Cup

I didn't catch the game myself, but after reading about the surprising bowling effort that Afghanistan put up against a strong Pakistan team I had to check it out for myself. It was an amazing performance considering how young the team from the middle east is - and even though it didn't quite hold all the way untill the end, it still was very exciting to watch. Shapoor Zadran and Dawlat Zadran both came out blazing. And blazing their arms were as well. Both clocked average bowling speeds of over 130kph and Dawlat closed in on 140. But what Shapoor lacked in speed (if you can call it lacking) he more than made up for in precision. The team has certainly done their homework when it come to the batting opposition. This was shown by the precise bowling done by Mirwais Ashraf. He had a gameplan against Shehzad and Hafeez and stuck to it. Combine this with accurate bowling and you get excellent results. asghar-stanikzai-mustacheThis play continued untill the last 5 overs when Umar Akmal's aggressive batting took some of the power out of the bowling game. When they surrendered 59 runs that was more than enough for Pakistan to secure a comfortable 72 run win over Afghanistan. But their play should not be forgotten, as Afghanistan had a great bowling performance. Now if they only can get their batting up to speed, this might spell a great future for an up and coming cricket nation. They certainly have the style to go with it which is on display by this individual, Asghar Stanikzai. Crazy mustache