Best job in the world? TitanBet has got you covered!

best-job-in-the-world-titanbet-2014So is there anyone that has had enough of the Indian Premier League yet? Didn't think so, and neither have I :P But I still look forward to the summer though and the Soccer World Cup 2014. As always this is gonna be an epic tournament featuring the greatest players the sport has to offer. What is not to love about it? If you love soccer that is. But there is more than simply yet another World Cup that is going down. This time TitanBet has decided to put on their spending shoes and really go all out. They are looking to hire a likeable and outgoing person that loves football in order for him to cover the whole event. This entails a $7,000 salary, all expenses paid, hotels and airfares included, perks and goodies added and lots of fun. What do they ask in return? That you attend the games, blog about them, tweet about your trip and take selfies throughout the month. Could one find a more fitting job description than the best job in the world? All you need to do to apply for this promotion is to signup to TitanBet (click here to create an account), fund it and place a bet of atleast $10 value. After that you need to create a YouTube video which basically explains why they should hire you. This needs to be of 60 seconds or less and offer some entertainment value. Show them that people would love to tune into you to watch the happenings everyday. I have yet to create my sales pitch, but I have already signed up and gotten that out of the way. Still trying to conjure up a good video to sell my side, needs to be creative in some way, so not gonna share it with you guys, sorry :) The final date to apply has been set to 26th of May 2014, so you guys still have some time to think about it. I know I need that. In the mean time you can signup and get the bet out of the way at the IPL already, still lots of great matches to be played and we have the cricket bets right here