How to Bet on the Pro Kabaddi League

Updated 2018: 

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Kabaddi is one of those rare sports that is massive in one country and is loved by millions of people as a result, but is practically unheard of everywhere else around the world. I know this from experience. I pride myself on knowing the rules and the basics of most sports, from soccer to NFL and Aussie rules. If it involves a ball, contact and/or skill, then there’s good chance I know about it, can tell you the basics, and have bet on it. There are very few exceptions to that rule, and until just 2 years ago, Kabaddi was one of those. I first discovered Kabaddi when the Pro Kabaddi League was broadcast live on British TV. That might sound like a normal occurrence to our readers in India, but this was an incredibly rare occurrence and one that exposed this sport to countless sport fans across the country. For the most part, those fans watched in amusement, delighted in discovering a new sport, and then moved on. For me, I set about trying to learn all could about this new, fascinating sport. And, because I tend not to watch spot (or anything for that matter) unless I’m gambling on it, I also set about trying to discover how to place bets on the Pro Kabaddi League. This is what I discovered.

How to Watch Kabaddi Overseas

Kabaddi is an umbrella term, one that describes many disciplines of a single game. And that’s before you even factor in the many different leagues. Some of these leagues are bigger than others, some are only popular in certain regions. For the most part, these games just haven’t reached the rest of the world. However, with the launch of the Pro Kabaddi League in 2014, the sport began to take on a more global presence. The official broadcaster for the Pro Kabaddi League is Star Sports, which is actually a subsidiary of 21st Century Fox. The online rights for the league are with As for international presence, coverage has been secured by ESPN (where I watched it here in the UK) and Fox Sports

How to Bet on Kabaddi

There are two problems with betting on Kabaddi. Firstly, it’s a sport that is practically unheard of in Europe, where many gambling sites focus their attentions. Secondly, gambling isn’t exactly widespread or widely available here in India, where it is at its most popular. This combination means that Kabaddi betting is very hard to find. Even if you focus on the biggest betting sites and stick to the Pro Kabaddi League, it’s not easy to find betting. I personally have accounts on many big betting sites, from UK-centric sites like SkyBet, to brands that pride themselves on being global, like Ladbrokes. Neither of these had anything. There were occasionally markets on the 888Sport website though. And because they use a common format that is used on many other sites, it means those same markets were listed everywhere from UniBet to SunBets. Still, they were few and far between, and nothing worth getting excited about. The same goes for Bet365, which is one of our favorite sites here at OnlineCricketBetting. Bet365 is the go-to site for whenever I can’t find market elsewhere. They usually have what the other sports books don't have and I was able to find several markets on Pro Kabaddi League games. Still, if you want outrights, if you want extensive markets that don’t just focus on Win/Lost, then even the mighty Bet365 doesn’t really tick all the boxes.

The Best Sites for Kabaddi Betting

The best place to find Kabaddi betting is on the exchanges. That’s because the people populating these sites are gamblers themselves. They are people like you, who have watched Kabaddi for years; and people like me, who have only just started watching it and are desperately looking for bets. As a result, not only can you find extensive markets on the biggest bets and leagues, but there are also many smaller betting markets as well. When it comes to betting exchanges, of course, BetFair leads the way. This is by no means the only exchange out there. But Smarkets, a fairly new exchange, is far too small and barely offers the sort of coverage you would expect from a sportsbook. The same goes for Matchbook, albeit to a lesser extent. While BetDaq has some of those harder-to-find sports and markets, but doesn’t really offer anything for Kabaddi. BetFair isn’t available for everyone, of course. If you can get an account and want to bet on Kabaddi, then go for it. If not, stick to Bet365, 888Sports and other major sports books and you’ll still be able to get some action on the bigger games. What’s more, as international networks continue to televise it, and as the world of live streams, betting exchanges and global exposure brings it to the attentions of gamblers everywhere, it should grow even more. When that happens, it won’t be difficult to find an extensive Kabaddi betting market

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