Bet365 live streaming the T20 – All of it!

Bet365 has one of the best sportsbooks around and we usually don’t tire to tell you about it. Whether you bet on all the T20 matches or just on some of your favourites, Bet365 is one of the best places around where you can do that. In fact, it’s better than almost any other sportsbook we know of, because Bet365 offers live streaming of all T20 matches. Sure, you could watch them on TV, if you happen to have one around in the middle of the day, but chances are that it’s easier for you to go online and follow the live streams there. Forgive us for not giving you a complete round-down of the T20 World Cup here, because we’ve already done that elsewhere. If you need a reminder, kindly click on this link.

These are only a few of the options you can bet on at Bet365.

These are only a few of the options you can bet on at Bet365.[/caption] Surely the T20 World Cup is one of the events in the cricket world. And that makes it one of the biggest events for fans as well. Betting on your favourite team is part of that, because there’s just that bit of extra excitement when you put money on it and may walk away a winner in more than one sense. We’re doing our best to keep you updated on our betting predictions and you can find the latest ones right here. The next match that will be streamed at Bet365 begins at 2pm GMT and you’ll be able to follow Ireland vs. Osman. Remember that in-play betting is also available, in case you’re late from your lunch break and forgot to place your bet beforehand. Then follows South Africa vs. Australia at 4pm GMT. By that time you may well be on your way home, so hopefully you have a good data plan and a good smartphone. And then you can come back for more tomorrow with the first match of Scotland vs. Zimbabwe happening at 9.30am GMT.

A few things to know about live streaming at Bet365

Whilst the aim is to stream all games, New Zealand and the USA are restricted, but everything else, including India and Pakistan, will be available. You’ll also have to have an account at Bet365 and a positive balance in that account. In order to be able to view the live streaming matches, you’ll have to have placed a bet within the last 24 hours. That means even if you were to place a bet now, you’d still be fine to view the match at 2pm. Do enjoy the live stream and bet on your favourite or whatever else there’s available in connection with the T20 World Cup. Bet365 will certainly spoil you for choice. Check out Bet365 now