Betway and Kevin Pietersen

A great deal for cricket, gamblers


and rhinos?

We'll get back to that later but for now it means that Betway takes another huge step forward in the cricket world. It is exaclyt the kind of stuff we love here at OCB. And it reaffirms Betways commitment to be a major player in the cricket world.

As they partner up with cricket legend Kevin Pietersen.

Who is Kevin Pietersen?

Most cricket fans might already know him but if you don't. Lets list a few of his acomplishments:

  • Scored over 8 000 test runs
  • Won 4 ashes
  • Winner of T20 world cup

As well as making the second highest run scorer of all time for the English squad, with almost 14 000 runs in total

What does this deal mean for you?

Kevin will post his expert analysis on the betway insider blog. Free for anyone to read.

For those not familiar with Kevin Pieterson he has become an avid wildlife protector and part of the deal is that Betway will support the SORAI (Save our Rhinos Africa & India). And promote activites related to this 

If you want more frequent updates head over to his twitter account, he updates often and with quality.


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