Betway Betting Leaderboard - India ONLY

In the whole of December 2017 Betway will arrange a sports betting leaderboard on their website where players can compete for cash prizes and free bets. The total prize pool is comprised of ₹150,000, where the first prize is ₹75,000 cash! That comes on top of any other winnings you might have for the month. To take part in this promotion, you need to opt-in at Betway on the leaderboard page. Simply click here to go to their site, click the opt-in link, fill in your username and submit. It is free to join the competition, as in you don't have to pay any entry fee. You don't have to place any bets either in the competition, so if you opt-in, but find out you don't have time or the money to continue competing, then you can simply stop, no need to opt-out either.

Betway December 2017 Leaderboard Promotion

Terms & Conditions of the India Leaderboard

As with most competitions, there are some rules and criteria that needs to be followed to compete in the Leaderboard promotion. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Players MUST opt-in to the promotion to be eligible
  • Bets must placed and settled (i.e. finished) between 1st December 2017, 00:00 IST and 31st December 2017 23:59 IST
  • Only players from India are eligible to partake in this promotion
  • Real money bet only. Minimum stake is ₹300 (or currency equivalent)

You can read the full terms and conditions here.

How the Leaderboard Promotion works

As mentioned before, it is very important that you opt-in as soon as possible, because only bets placed after you have opted in will count towards the leaderboard challenge. The way that the leaderboard works is that you will receive points based on the odds that you bet at. So if you place a bet on Dhaka Dynamites to win over Rajshahi Kings, where the odds are 1.50 on Dhaka Dynamites to win, then if your bet wins, you will get 1.50 points towards the leaderboard. So the higher the odds on your bets you place, the higher points you can potentially acquire towards the leaderboard, but higher odds also comes with higher risk naturally. Note that if you bet ₹300 or ₹30,000 makes no difference, only the odds you get, so you only have to make sure you place a bet of at least ₹300 to make it count. Only single bets will count towards this promo, so no system bets or accumulator bets. Neither will bets that have been cashed out or voided / pushed.


The prize pool looks like this:

  • 1st: ₹75,000 Cash
  • 2nd: ₹25,000 Cash
  • 3rd - 5th: ₹5,000 Free Bet
  • 6th - 10th: ₹2,500 Free Bet
  • 11th - 25th: ₹1,500 Free Bet

This promotion comes at a really opportune time for those that love cricket betting in India. You have 4 great T20 Leagues playing during December, in the BPL, CSA T20 Challenge, Super Smash and the BBL. As well as the Ashes which is already underway too. Plenty of action to get your much needed points for this leaderboard, so be sure to opt-in and get your bets down!

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