Betway Run It Up Promotion

The IPL was massive this year as every TV rating and online metric shows. It provided cricket starved fans around the world a buffet of thrilling matches to feast upon. If you are anything like us, you must have felt a small tinge of emptiness since the IPL has ended.

Thankfully, we have an absolute crackerjack lineup of international matches coming our way!

Australia vs India, South Africa vs England, New Zealand vs Pakistan are all starting this week.

Betway has come up with a brilliant ‘Run it Up’ promotion that we think should interest all of you. Here is how it works!

Betway ‘Run it Up’ Promotion

According to this promotion, Betway is going to offer you a free bet for the same amount as the number of runs scored in the entire cricket match! For example, if two teams score 250 each, you get a free bet worth Rs. 500!

Betway Run It Up Promotion

The offer is valid on selected cricket matches:

  • South Africa vs England 1st T20

  • South Africa vs England 2nd T20

  • South Africa vs England 3rd T20

Here are some other things that you should be aware of:

  • The minimum stake to be eligible is INR 500

  • The offer is for Indian customers only

  • You must bet pre-match and the odds must be at least $1.50 

  • Promo ID: 197883

  • The promotion is valid till the 29th of November

What do we think of this offer?

We love it quite frankly! Betway is one of the best online bookmakers and is, in fact, the one we recommend to most of our customers. It is transparent and upfront with its promotions and this ‘Run it Up’ promotion is just one more example of its India-specific focus.

Also, purely from a cricketing perspective, England and South Africa are two hard-hitting teams that could easily total 400 runs in a T20 match. With the minimum eligible bet being INR 500, you could get a free bet for almost the same amount!

What is there not to like?? Check it out for yourself and take the free money that is on offer.

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