Chelsea vs Manchester City: Premier League Betting Tips

The Game

Both Chelsea and Man City played in the Champions League during the week and this will be their third game in just 8 days. That's a lot of football to play at the highest level and it will likely mean there are a few tired legs by the end of this one. but they are fit players and they can handle it. What’s more, while very few of the top players would have been rested in mid-week (due to the importance of the games being played) they will be rested after this. There is a two week wait before the next Premier League game so the managers will be pushing them here to get every last morsel of effort out of them. The winner of this game will have a comfortable and enjoyable couple of weeks ahead of them, The loser, if indeed there is a loser, will have some questions to answer from the backroom staff and the fanst, because even at this early stage this is a huge game.


The Blues are coming together very well with the likes of Hazard and Morata on fine form. In fact, there are goalscorers all over the pitch and this is a team that is clearly on top right now. They struggled during their season opener, which they lose to Burnley, but they have stepped things up since then and they are clearly a team that knows what it is doing right now. Against Manchester City they are facing one of the toughest tests of the Premier League season so far. But they have already beaten one of the big boys when they overcame Tottenham and they also took a point away from their game against Arsenal. They will be hoping to keep that undefeated record going against the big teams, but City will sense the importance of this one and will be gunning for the victory.

Manchester City

City have not been as comfortable as they could have been this season. They have scraped through a few games that they should have won comfortably, but at the same time they have demolished teams that everyone expected them to struggle against. After all, their 2-1 late win against Bournemouth was followed by a 5-0 demolition of Liverpool, two results that look completely out of place when put together. They have also played Everton this season, snatching a point late on. Those have been the two toughest games on paper for them, but this away game to Chelsea should be the toughest of them all. So, is this a game that they will struggle in, snatching a draw or a win late on, or is it a game where we will see them run wild, scoring freely and putting on a show for their traveling support?

The Tip

This will be a close game and a fun game to watch. We should get to witness some of the best players in the league playing at the height of their form. This is what the Premier League is all about and that’s why half of the United Kingdom will be tuning into this one come Saturday afternoon. As for the result, I think a draw is the most likely. I can see Manchester City overturning the home advantage that Chelsea has and getting the better of them, but I think that Chelsea will ultimately draw level. The score is a tough one to predict, but if I had to pick I would go for 1-1