Chiayi Swingers vs PCCT United Match

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Match Preview


This is going to be the final group match in the Taipei T10 League for the Chiayi Swingers and PCCT United. Depending on how the results of the previous matches pan out, we could either have a dead rubber, something no one wants, or could be one where both teams have a chance to qualify.Something we will all be hoping for.

Either way, it is going to be the final team a lot of amateur players are going to be in the cricket limelight and so they will want to go out with a bang.

Chiayi Swingers

Just one win in the three matches played so far does not speak too highly of the Chiayi Swingers. Frankly speaking, we did not think they would be able to get one win to their name also but an unbelievable display of hitting in their match against the ICCT Smashers saw them post the highest total of the Taipei T10 League so far.

Now, the question that everyone has is if the Chiayi Swingers can repeat their heroics? We are not too sure. Their batsmen love to have a go but even the T10 format is a bit more than that. The side does not seem to have the kind of depth that is needed to perform consistently.

The batting may be dangerous and unpredictable but the bowling is just terrible. We have no doubt that the Chiayi Swingers have the worst bowling attack in the entire Taipei T10 League. That is something that is going to cost them heavily.

PCCT United

PCCT United has impressed a lot of watchers with its cricket in this tournament. They don’t have the most flashy players but they do seem to have a knack for the strategy behind cricket. PCCT United ha not been afraid to change its batting lineup and learning with the mistakes it has made in every match.

We still think they need to be a bit more aggressive in their approach and play with a bit more freedom. 

Shahzad Muhamma and Usman Javed are two batsmen that have established themselves as the ones to watch out for in this side. The other batsmen also need to step up though otherwise PCCT United risks becoming a one-trick pony. 

The bowling is one area where we think PCCT United has a big advantage over the Chiayi Swingers. The United bowlers will be aware of the problems that the Swingers have had with the bats so far and will not hesitate to exploit them. 

Pitch and Conditions

A combination of excellent weather, artificial turf, and a small outfield provide conditions that are not going to change too much from match to match. There is nothing that is going to be a surprise for the players and that is a good thing. We expect to see high-scores as well as bowlers that are asking more questions in this match.

Anything less than 80 is subpar in our opinion.

Our Prediction

PCCT United has the better side than the Chiayi Swingers in our opinion. United has more depth in its batting and a much better bowling attack. The only area where the Chiayi Swingers pose a threat is power-hitting. If PCCT United can maintain its discipline in the bowling department then they should win this match easily.

Bet on PCCT United to win. (1.53 on Betway at the time of writing)

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