Cricket Betting Guide

We have been talking extensively about cricket and betting on this lovely sport on our website. We have also tried to help out our readers learn more by sharing betting tips, reviewing bookmakers, talk about odds, bankroll management and other tips to become a winning sports bettor. Even though we are trying to be as thorough as possible there will always be someone that miss something or are looking for some more information. So maybe some of you prefer to get your information with visual aids? I know I preferred that in school at least! We have created a short infographic that tells the short story of cricket, online betting and how to get started with it for those of you new to the concept.

cricket betting guide infographic

You will learn that online betting on cricket is a grimey subject that it's not easy to fully grasp. Some people are looking to make it illegal and keep it that way, while others sees the hopelessness of upholding such a legislation and the potential legalization has. You are probably not going to see it fully legalized just yet, but that is why we have created this guide. Here you will get the short gist of how the laws work in India when it comes to betting and you will know that it for all intents and purposes is perfectly safe and fully possible to bet on cricket games online. All you need to do is get yourself an ewallet and find a solid bookmaker that will pay you when you win your bets. With our guide you can be confident that you find the best places to deposit your money and wager. Note that you should not mistake this text as legal advice! If you are unsure about the laws in your particular region then you should do your own research and/or consult a lawyer. Good luck betting

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