Cricket Betting Site in Hindi? - Try out 1xBet

Hindi is the most used language in India, by far. That goes for both written and spoken. More than 50% of the country knows the language in some way, while English comes in second with merely 12% speaking it, and very few as their mother tongue. So odds are if you are from India and reading this, you know Hindi! Because of this problem with most of the Indian population only speaking and understanding Hindi (or not speaking English), finding a bookmaker you can use, let alone understand anything of what is written there, is quite hard. Most of the online cricket betting sites are written in languages like English, Spanish, German, Russian and other popular world languages, very few are in Hindi.

1xBet - Your Hindi Friendly Website

1xbet logoIf you are looking for a cricket betting site in Hindi, we have a good option for you. 1xBet is a relatively new online betting site that has a focus on trying to cater to the widest possible audience. They offer their website in over 40 different languages and more than a 100 different deposit options. If you are having trouble getting your bets down, 1xBet should be able to help you out. In addition to having a simple way of introducing you as a bettor to their website, you will also find that they have a solid selection of cricket bets available. The bigger matches are covered there and they already have odds up on the first IPL match of the season. There are plenty of other sports to bet on too, as well as a big casino for you if you want to gamble it up right away. Click here to visit 1xBet now

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