Cricket Betting Tips en masse

You guys are really hungry for betting tips, and I cannot blame you; having someone do the work for you is a lot easier than having to do the work yourself analyzing and checking stats for every game that is coming up. For some of you it might even mean that you can make a lot of extra money by following other tipsters. That is what I do as well, where I follow several friends of mine that post and share their betting tips (mostly on other sports), and it has been pretty profitable for me. Our tips on this site has done pretty well during the IPL 6, and we are trying to keep it up, but it is hard to continuously update with tips everyday, especially tips that are to give the readers positive expected value. That is why I recommend you guys checking out a fellow named Anth Raine that runs a tipster service which gives cricket betting tips straight to your inbox. Check out our cricket tipster review or visit his site; and see for yourself.
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On another note, I have also listened to my readers in another regard. Most of you who read this are from India, but more and more readers seems to be coming from the US, and as most of you know (atleast the readers from USA), the gambling laws in USA is rather strict. I have researched the topic some and written a small guide on how to bet on cricket in the US. There are ways for US citizens to bet online, just like for Indian citizens, even though it is "illegal". The thing is that the government is out to get the operators, not you, the users, so it basically is legal, only hard to actually do. I predict though that is just a matter of time before we see a change in the laws around the world, since so many people want to bet and the states are missing out on a lot of revenue by not legalizing it. Can't have a blog post this time of the year and not talk about the IPL 6! I have been following most of the matches, and now the weakest teams are starting to be weeded out. I am still rooting for Mumbai Indians, and they are looking good sitting at the second place for now. I have also been checking out some other parts of this great circus that is the Indian Premier League, and I am fascinated by the parties they have. I am envious. I love to party and mingle with people, drink, dance to trance music and just live life. It looks like people are having a good time during the IPL atleast, just check out this video: So I hope you guys are enjoying the IPL, I know I am, and life in general. I am reading for my exams now, but I am done after this semester, so that motivates me. The weather is getting warmer as well and I am looking forward to the summer like crazy. Getting my BBQ, bathing, soaking up sun and just chilling in general. Ahh, life is good sometimes! Take care guys