Four arrested in India on betting charges

Four people have been arrested by police in the Gudlavanipalem area for allegedly engaging in betting activities. The four men, all of whom are friends, were organising betting for the first ODI match between India and Australia. According to police, they have been involved in the organisation of betting for the last two years.

During the raid, which took place during the ODI after police received information about the gang, police seized high end equipment which was being used by the gang. This included a communicator setup boxes and 55 mobile phones, which enabled the betting organisers to communicate with around 55 customers at the same time. Through this method, they would receive bet requests from clients which they were then able to place.

According to police, the four men involved in the gang had been involved in illegal betting for a number of years. However, initially they were involved purely as customers, before moving into the organisation side of things just a couple of years ago.

The raid is one of many in a country in which gambling on cricket is illegal, but rife. Regularly, stories like these emerge whereby groups or individuals are illegally running their own betting rings. Recently, the possibility of the legalisation of gambling following the system used in England has been touted, but for the moment it remains illegal.

For the record, India managed to get the job done relatively easily in the match for which these four men were arrested. Australia, in what has become a consistent theme in the absence of Smith and Warner, struggled with bat in hand, managing just 7/236 in an innings in which wickets fell just regularly enough to keep the run rate down. In response, India got things done relatively easily. After falling to 4/99 off 23.3 overs, MS Dhoni and Kedar Jadhav came together to put on an excellent partnership, leading their side to victory with an unbeaten 141 run partnership in 149 balls. India ended up winning the match by eight wickets with ten balls in hand. The second ODI is set to take place on Tuesday.

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