Graeme Smith retiring - big blow for South Africa?

graeme-smith-retiringSo it was revealed yesterday that Graeme Smith, the long time captain and premium batter for the South African national team, is retiring from playing the game at a top level. It was with a heavy heart that last nights game against Australia was his last for the Proteas side, and it was not a pretty on field experience, but the ceremony before the game were worthy of this man's stature. The Australian side gave him a proper ovation and Michael Clarke greeted him when he entered the field. A truly tear-jerking moment of cricket history. We asked on our facebook page what you thought of the retirement, and our intial thoughts were that this was way too early and that he still has some good years of cricket batting in him. But after thinking about it some more, I think that his timing is pretty perfect. He has a legendary record and his recent form has done that reputation no good. It is better to leave on a high note than trying to milk the last drops of fame. His ankle probably has something to do with this as well. Still, he is only dropping out of the international scene, so we might still see him in the bigger leagues around the world. I am anxious to see where he might drop off or if he wants to continue at all. No matter what he chooses to do, I wish him all the luck in the world!

Australian side accused of cheating

Luckily the headlines were mostly about the great player that is Smith yesterday, but only mostly. It still managed to sneak in some accusations of ball tampering from the South African side. It seems to me that losing sides that are struggling abnormally much like to make this claim, and I understand that this is done in a time of frustration, but I can't help to feel that it is a petty thing to do. Sure, sometimes their claim is correct, but one can wait with doing so after one has got time to analyze the game properly and then take it up with the right channels. Spouting out some claims right after a heartbreaking loss only seems childish. But that is just me, and not a bash at the specific incident yesterday, but more generally speaking. Hope to see this be taken care of properly