Hsinchu Titans vs Taiwan Daredevils

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Match Preview


This is the last scheduled group stage match for the Taipei T10 League after which the semi-final roster will be complete. We have a feeling that a lot could depend on this match for the Hsinchu Titans. A big win in this match against the Taiwan Daredevils could be the key to progressing to the semi-finals for them.

We are not counting out the Taiwan Daredevils completely but there could be a situation where they too are in the running for a semi-final spot, provided they win their previous game. Eitherway, this is going to be the final match for one or both teams and we think the players would want to leave with a bang rather than a whimper.

Hsinchu Titans

We think the Hsinchu Titans underperformed in the previous group stage and actually let go of a couple of potential victories. They did manage to get the better of the Taiwan Dardevils in a pretty comprehensive manner, though.

That was the first match of the entire Taipei T10 League and the players could have been a bit wary coming into that. The Titans managed to keep the Daredevils down to just 48 in their entire ten overs. That is almost half of what we consider a par-score for a T10 tournament of this nature!

The Hsinchu Titans have a failry deep batting lineup and some very good bowlers. The advantage of playing the last match is something that is in their favor as well. They will know exactly what needs to be done to try and get over the line if it comes to that.

Taiwan Daredevils

The Taiwan Daredevils have one of the weakest batting lineups in the entire Taipei T10 League. It is no surprise then that the Daredevils have won just a single match so far. The Taiwan Daredevils do not have the big-hitting capabilities that a lot of the other teams have shown.

They are also very unsure about a possible collapse which prevents their top-order batsmen from playing freely. We think that the players need to forget about everything and just go out to score the most that they can.

Even if they get restricted to a low total, the possibility of batting out the Titans has to take precedence.

The bowling for the Taiwan Daredevils is not very good either. They have struggled to pick wickets in all of their previous matches and have been pretty unsuccessful at keeping the runs down as well.

We don’t think the Daredevils are going to win this match on the back of their bowling. If it has to be done then the batsmen need to step up.

Pitch and Conditions

The conditions in Taipei are very god for batting. The players have gotten used to the conditions and are now making the most of the runs on offer. The pitch is flat and offers no lateral movement. The bowlers have to rely on their change of pace to try and fox the batters.

We think a score of around 80 can be considered par for the course.

Our Prediction

The Hsinchu Titans are the team to back in this contest. They have a better batting lineup and a superior bowling attack as well. It will take a very bad performance from the Titans or an incredibly good one from the Daredevils to cause an upset in this contest. We don’t think either of those things are going to happen.

Bet on the Hsinchu Titans to win. (1.72 on Betway at the time of writing) 

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