ICCT Smashers vs Chiayi Swingers

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Match Preview


We really like the format of the Taipei T10 League. The initial group stage rewarded the winners with a direct berth in the semi-finals and now the remaining six teams have been split up into two more groups as well.

The matches of the first group are going to take place on the 9th of May. The ICCT Smashers are going to be taking on the Chiayi Swingers in the first match. There are no more second chances and teams must try to win both their matches to ensure moving on.

Its game on!

ICCT United

ICCT United would have been pretty disappointed to not have been able to qualify at the top of the group stage. They showed plenty of promise but fell off during the crucial stages. That is something they would like to change this time around.

We are looking at this match with a lot of interest. The ICCT Smashers and the Chiayi Swingers played out the highest-scoring match of the Taipei T10 League so far. Chasing 100, the Smashers ended up on 97, just a boundary away from getting a semi-final berth.

Revenge is going to be on their mind.

Rajesh Mehta and Devang Shah were the pick of the batsmen while Sandeep Patel, Shrey Doshi, and Devang patel once more led the side in the bowling.

These are the players that will get a chance to lead from the front in this match as well.

Chiayi Swingers

No one gave the Chiayi Swingers much of a chance after their dismal performance st the start of the Taipei T10 League. Now, however, they find themselves at the pointy end of the tournament and with a real chance to qualify for the semi-finals.

Let’s be clear. Their previous win over the Chiayi Swingers came because of an incredible batting performance from Vishwajit Tawar. He smashed five sixes and ended up scoring 69 out of the 99 runs. None of the other batters was able to do much damage to the bowling at all.

We do not think another such performance is something that punters should bank on. It can happen but it is quite unlikely.

The bowling for the Chiayi Swingers was unable to keep the opposition from scoring freely even with a large score to defend. It was just a matter of a few missed opportunities that separated the teams in the end.

The Chiayi Swingers will have to play out of their skins to be able to win this match.

Pitch and Conditions

We have seen the scores go higher and higher in the Taipei T10 League as the matches have progressed. This means that the players are getting more used to the conditions and are better able to exploit them.

We don’t think there is going to be any change in the playing conditions. The outfield remains small in size and is pretty quick. The playing surface is artificial so is not going to wear at all. Scores of around 80 are going to be par from this match on.

Our Prediction

The beauty of the T10 format is the unpredictability. We have seen a single player influence the course of the match and that is something that can happen in any match. Overall, however, the ICCT Smashers remain the better team in this contest.

They have more batsmen that can step up and score runs. Their bowling is also a fair bit better than the Chiayi Swingers.

Bet on the ICCT Smashers to win. (2.00 on Betway at the time of writing).


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