Ifira Sharks vs MT Bulls

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The second day of the Vanuatu Blast T10 brings us to more action. It appears as if nothing can be taken for granted looking at the scorecards from the first day of play. The players are clearly still getting used to the T10 format and it will take a little while before they understand how to pace their innings better.

It appears as if everyone was trying to hit every ball for a six but that is just not how cricket is played. No matter what the length of the match.

The Ifira Sharks are going to be taking on the MT Bulls in this upcoming match. Both teams lost their opening matches to the Mighty Efate Panthers and will be looking to strike back strongly.

Ifira Sharks vs MT Bulls is going to be played at the Vanuatu Cricket Ground on the 22nd of May 2020. 

Match Preview

Ifira Sharks 

The Ifira Sharks would not want to remember their opening match of the Vanuatu T10 Blast match with any sort of fondness! They were bowled out for 35 in an utterly abject display of batting.

T10 was supposed to be short enough to allow even teams with the most meager batting resources to be competitive, however, we now know that teams can be bowled out within ten overs as well!

The Ifira Sharks lost 8 wickets within the six overs and had to try and play out the remaining overs. None of their batsmen got into double figures and only one six was hit in the entire inning. 

The bowlers did manage to get five wickets while bowling but winning was never a chance. 

MT Bulls

The MT Bulls did better than the Ifira Sharks in their match but they too were handed a heavy defeat by the Mighty Efate Panthers. 

Bowling first, the MT Bulls gave up 128 runs in their ten overs. Andrew Mansale and Patrick Matautaava bowled very well but the rest of the bowlers were taken to cleaners. 

In response, only Andrew Mansale was able to offer up some resistance and actually ended up playing the inning of the match. He scored 75 from just 38 deliveries with 8 sixes to his name out of a total of 91.

It is clear that Mansale is going to be the heart and soul of the MT Bulls team but he is going to need some support from the other batsmen. Clement Tommy is a very good batsman and could not score many runs in this match. We think he could get into the run-scoring action soon and make this MT Bulls team formidable. 

Pitch and Conditions

The conditions were very good for batting to start out with but the second match of the day started to see much lower scores. We will have to see if that was down to the quality of batting or a trend that continues in later matches as well.

We expect a high-scoring encounter in this match.


T10 has shown a large statistical advantage towards the team batting second and this is why we expect teams to want to chase after winning the toss.


Our Prediction

We are going to stick with the MT Bulls in this match. They appear to have a more powerful batting lineup and a better-balanced team overall.

Bet on the MT Bulls to win.

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