India Cash Vouchers at 1xBet

Want to bet on cricket, but aren't able to deposit funds in your online betting account? Fear not, 1xBet has got your back!

By contacting the 1xMan, you can have India Cash Vouchers, which can be used to fund your betting account at 1xBet, delivered straight to your door step. No need to struggle with depositing with bank, credit cards or other methods. Rather have 1xBet come to you and pick up the cash you wish to deposit.

How to use India Cash Vouchers

  1. Log into your 1xBet account - if you don't have an account, it's quick to create one
  2. Under payment method, choose 'India Cash Vouchers'
  3. Fill in the information about you and your location (Name, Deposit Amount, Phone Number, Email, Town and Full Address)
  4. A courier will be on the way to fetch the money at your location
  5. Approximately 8-12 hours after they have gotten your funds, your 1xBet account will be credited

As simple as that. And you don't even need to leave your home!

Note that the minimum amount you need to deposit for this service is ₹8000 and the maximum you can deposit is ₹800 000.

It is a little annoying that you need to wait about 8-12 hours to get the funds active in your account, so you need to be aware of when you want to bet in advance. This usually is a good thing as it stops you from being impulsive. Maybe you want to chase some losses so you have made? Not possible as the funds won't reach your account before you've had a chance to cool off.

As of writing this, this offer is only available for residents in Pune, India. There is plans to rapidly expand this, so check back at 1xBet to see when your region is included.

So what are you waiting for? Log into your account and try out their new deposit option!

If you don't already have an account with 1xBet, I suggest that you check them out. They are known for having a vast amount of deposit options, which now includes India Cash Vouchers, plenty of promotions and lots of markets for cricket betting.

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