IPL 6 stream and some live cricket betting opportunities

So it is the second day of the Indian Premier League 2013, and we have already witnessed a good match between the Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Daredevils, where Gautam Gambhir lead the Knight Riders to victory. Right now I am watching the second match, where the Royal Challengers Bangalore are struggling against the Mumbai Indians great bowling. Only thing keeping the Bangalore's in the game right now is the great batting of Chris Gayle. I have been using my downtime right now watching some IPL 6 streams, and what do you know, youtube has set up a live stream for seemingly all of the games. You can check it out below: Pretty sweet for us that don't get the coverage where we live, because the sport isn't as popular here than it is in other parts of the world. The great thing with this stream is that during my sick days, I can lay in my bed, watch the stream on youtube, fire up Bet365 and be able to do some live betting on cricket while I watched the stream. This type of betting is pretty sweet as you can use the advantage of watching the game live in your betting endeavours. Just now, I saw that Gayle was on a roll, and bet on the Bangalores to hit over 74.5 runs before the 12th over, and sure enough, Gayle did his job. It is very fun looking for these special bets that are put up on the live site at Bet365. You can get in some action on the game throughout the whole seance, and not just before the game has started. So if your bet seems to be lost early on, fear not, you can try again during as well. Now it looks like the Bangalores are doing better, so it might become more exciting than it looked earlier on. I gotta get back to cheering on the Indians (although I like Gayle as well). If you haven't already, check out our IPL 2013 Betting Tips page. We are trying to post up our analysis of each and every game of the IPL 6, and hopefully, our insights might help you guys win some money! :