IPL Mania - Dafabet

Dafabet is trying something new for this IPL.

They are letting players try to predict who is going to win, and give bonuses if they are correct.

This is obviously something we consider a good idea, which is why we made our own prediction competition

And the great news for you.

You can play prediction competitions on as many sites as you are able to find. So lets see what Dafabet has to offer in this field.

Dafabet IPL Mania 2019

The concept is pretty simple. Take look at this screenshot from their promotion page

First thing we notic is that its not a free prediction competition, the most important conditions we found where:

  • You have to deposit INR 3,000 every round
  • You have to place a bet on every one of your predictions
  • If you your predictions are correct you will receive INR 1,000
  • Available to existing costumers

This is a pretty nice extra cash infusion. But for those players who like to bet more, they are offering something extra this year.

Win a Iphone XS Max or an HP Omen laptop

Well first you have to complete these requirements:

  • Deposit a total of INR 20.000 during the IPL
  • Place bets totaling over INR 200.000 for the Iphone
  • Place bets totaling over INR 300.000 for the Laptop

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