Lack of betting tips and new site updates (yet again)

First I gotta apologize for the lack of betting tips the last few days. I have been a little sick and have decided to use the days to take little time off. I couldn't stay away fully as this is my 'baby', and I needed to do something to fiddle with the site :P We decided to add a few new pages to the site that hopefully will garner you readers. The first one is a page dedicated to the sportsbooks we actually use when we bet on cricket. The reviews for most of the bookmakers we use have been up for some time, but we have never actually made a page that collects and lists all of them. Now you can find which are the best cricket betting sites online and all the sites we use at our cricket betting sites page. In addition to adding a page with a list of all the sites we use have we put up an article on the odds offered by the sportsbooks. It includes explanations as to why odds are so important when you are betting on cricket (and other sports for that matter), where you find the best odds and the latest cricket betting odds offered by the best cricket betting sites. You can check out our article on rates on our cricket betting odds. We have also added a mailing list you can signup for, as well as made a twitter account, facebook page (these are old, but still good!) and a google+ page. This is because we want to try to stay cool and hip and in with the crowd online. If you aren't part of the social crowd, you are a square. So from tomorrow, I hope to have some betting tips coming your way. I recommend signing up to my email list if you want to get the tips before everyone else. You can find the optin on the left side of this text

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