More regions added to cash voucher system at 1xBet

We’ve already introduced the cash voucher system to you that 1xBet offers to customers in India. Now more regions will be added.

Let’s recap

Not everyone actually has a bank account in India and for some it’s simply not something they need or use regularly. But how do you deposit money into your 1xBet betting account?

Easy, you get the 1xMan to come by and bring you an India Cash Voucher!

This is how it works:
1.    Log into your 1xBet account - if you don't have an account, it's quick to create one
2.    Under payment method, choose 'India Cash Vouchers'
3.    Fill in the information about you and your location (Name, Deposit Amount, Phone Number, Email, Town and Full Address)
4.    A courier will be on the way to fetch the money at your location
5.    Approximately 8-12 hours after they have gotten your funds, your 1xBet account will be credited
Please note that the minimum amount you need to deposit for this service is ₹8000 and the maximum you can deposit is ₹800 000.

Until now, this option was only available to customers in Pune, India, however.

New regions added

1xBet promised right away that this service would be extended eventually. That’s now about to be the case and the following regions have been added to the 1xMan service.

•    Mumbai
•    Delhi
•    Ahmedabad
•    Chennai
•    Hyderabad
•    Bangalore
•    Darbhanga

We expect that more regions will be added, though obviously the service also actually has to take hold with customers. We would be interested to know how well it is received, but the idea is certainly unique and helpful to those without bank cards, eWallets or bank tellers.

And it really doesn’t get easier than that, because you don’t even have to leave your house.

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