MT Bulls vs Mighty Efate Panthers

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The small pacific island of Vanuatu is Covid-19 free and also an associate cricket nation. This is why the usually insignificant cricket nation is finding itself at the center of a disproportionate amount of attention from the cricketing world. 

The Vanuatu Blast T10 League is going to be played from May 21st onwards and is the first return of cricket in any cricketing nation. The first match of the tournament is going to be played between the MT Bulls and the Mighty Efate Panthers.

MT Bulls vs Mighty Efate Panthers Preview

The T10 format has been adopted for the Vanuatu Blast T10 and that ensures exciting cricket. The players are going to be playing this format for the first time since no other tournament in Vanuatu has been held in the T10 format.

There was an exhibition match held before the start of the tournament with some players from the competing teams to let them get used to the format.

MT Bulls

Some of the key players to watch out for in the MT Bulls squad include: Andre Mansale (captain), Clement Tommy, Eddie Mansale, Malon Tastuki, and Williamsing Nalisa.

Clement Tommy was the highest scorer in the 2019 T20 series with 557 runs, nearly twice that of the next best. Willaimsing Nalisa was the second highest scorer in that tournament with 274 runs and five wickets to his name.

With these two in the side as well as Malon Tastuki, another very good all-rounder, the MT Bulls have the core of a very good T10 side at their disposal. Adjusting to the format and getting used to the cadence of the game is going to be the main challenge ahead of them.

Might Efate Panthers

As the de facto home side, the Mighty Efate Panthers are going to have a lot of crowd support to boost them, something that could be an important factor.

The players to watch out for the Mighty Efate Panthers in the Vanuatu Blast T10 League include Joshua Rasu, Lazaro carlot, McMillan Marika, Shem Sala, and Wesley Vira.

Lazaro Carlot had 198 runs and two wickets to his name in the 2019 T20 club championship and will be one of the important batsmen in the squad. Joshua Rasu also scored 149 runs and picked up two wickets in that same tournament. Brian Tari picked up 9 wickets in that tournament is going to be the leader of the bowling attack.

Pitch and Conditions

The weather in the islands can change quickly but the current forecast suggests we do not have to worry about the rain too much for the next ten days. The humidity is going to be high but the sun should keep shining!

The pitch at the VCG Oval is expected to be flat and good for batting without too much pace in it. Scores of around 85-90 can be expected as par in a T10 match.

Our Prediction

The MT Bulls have a strong batting lineup with the two highest scorers from the previous year’s 2019 club championship leading them. There are plenty of all-rounders in both sides and we think that will cancel each other out.

Bet on the MT Bulls to win.

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