NFL Betting - 2014 Predictions

nfl-logoI might have mentioned this before, but if there is one thing I love as much as cricket it must be american football. And more specifically the NFL. The game simply has it all: big hits, deep strategy and drama. There is always a chance to get back in a game with just one big play and it can happen at any time, on any given down. Other aspects that have lured me in is the fact that they are drafting players rather than just buying them. This makes it so that teams struggling at the bottom of the leagues will have a chance to catch up by being presented with the opportunity to take the biggest new talents coming into the player pool every year. Much better than the overspending that is going on in soccer. There are much I could write about the NFL, but I will focus this article on the betting aspect of it. Me and my mates bench in front of the TV every Sunday and view all the games using the NFL Gamepass and put up some money on the games. One good thing about having most of the games crammed into one single day? You got a week to do your research on what to bet on. Right now I have been doing research for the last 6 months in anticipation after the Super Bowl ended and I will present some of the bets I have placed already and give you some tips on what to look for if you are new to NFL betting or want to get into it.

Predictions for the 2014 NFL Season

The odds are out, and have been out even before the Super Bowl ended on who would win the 49th edition. It seems now that the top favorites are the same ones who ended up in the division finals last year: Seattle Seahawks, Denver Broncos, San Francisco 49ers and New England Patriots. Seahawks are the favorites to take it and I can see why they think so: the defense has stayed intact, offense looks sharp with Harvin now healthy and they have already won it once, so why not again? We agree that they are one of the favorites, but at the low odds of 6.50 we believe there is value to be had in other alternatives. Here are our bets and predictions for the coming season.

Green Bay Packers to win Super Bowl XLIX

julius-peppers-green-bay-packersOur main bet and one we really believe in is that Aaron Rodgers will carry his team to another Super Bowl victory. When he won it back in 2010 they were almost devoid of any kind of running game, but now a new contender has shown up in Eddie Lacy. He has racking up numbers on the ground and should be able to help setup the slingshot from Rodgers even better. This combination is gonna be deadly and this offense will continue to produce record breaking numbers, that I am almost certain of. When you also add to the fact that their defense has been bolstered with the addition of Julius Peppers and an interesting first pick in Ha Ha Clinton-Dix. Consider that A.J. Hawk and Clay Matthews is back healthy and ready to go should spell good times for this D. And even if they can't produce, they can still rely on the offense doing the bulk of the work, which they are likely to do anyways. Betting Tips: Green Bay Packers to win Super Bowl XLIX, 13.00 @ TitanBet

Kansas City Chiefs to collapse

andy-reid-kansas-city-chiefsMost are already predicting this one as many put way too much stock in their 9-0 start last year. They had an amazing start under the reign of Andy Reid, but we believe that most of that came down to them having a very easy schedule to start out. After this debacle they finished the season with a 2-6 and collapsed in the worst manner against the Colts. They showed more of their true colors I feel at the latter stage of the season and we will most likely see more of this going forward. This season they have been very unfortunate in their schedule. I feel they are lucky to get even 6 wins here against the opposition they have. Sure they feature a tough line and one of the best running backs in Charles, but their defense is lacking, passing is not good at all and we cannot expect them to pull out amazing wins left and right against mostly Super Bowl contenders going forward. We predict a total collapse and turnaround for this franchise this season, sadly. Betting Tips: Kansas City Chiefs to win less than 9 games, 1.77 @ Bet365

Baltimore Ravens coming back to former glory

steve-smith-baltimore-ravensOur final tip for this round is a bet on a team that won it all two years back is gonna make a solid run for it this year again. Baltimore Ravens are situated in the NFC North, considered one of the toughest divisions in the league. Bengals have been on the rise and are now competing with the two powerhouses in Steelers and Ravens, and Browns might be a closer contender than most think this year. It is gonna be fun to see how this group plays out. We have a strong belief though that Ravens will prevail here and take the division title. It will be very close, and a loss within the division might be enough to completely shut the others off. But we think that the additions that Ravens have acquired will help them greatly, Kubiak's system will be perfect for their offense and as long as their defensive backs can stay healthy they should get this and might even make another run at the title. I am anxious to see Steve Smith in purple as he has done good in the pre-season, as have the first round rookie C.J. Mosley who are looking to get first team playing time when the regular season rolls around. Betting Tips: Baltimore Ravens to win the NFC North, 3.40 @ 5Dimes

Those are the bets that we like so far, and we are gonna be betting throughout the year as well. But I am not sure I will post the tips here though. If you want to bet on the NFL I recommend that you get yourself an account at either Bet365 or Bovada as they are the ones that have the best selection of bets during the season, as well as live betting options that are quite good. Good luck with it and I hope that you will give the NFL a try, it really is an amazing sport, maybe as good as cricket ;