Paid Cricket Betting Tips and Why You Should Avoid Them

On our old version of our website we had option for our readers to comment on our cricket betting tips. Most of them did not get a lot of traction, so we figured we would focus more on our tips writing and analysis instead.

However, over some time we found that more and more comments came in, unfortunately they were of the promotional sort. Take a look at a few examples below:

As you can see, they are looking to sell their tips to you. I do not mind this and I think it is fully fair to those that are good enough to analyse and post profitable cricket bets to earn some money for their time put into this, but there are several problems I have with how most of these guys go about their business.

Promising 100% Guaranteed Results

This is my number one annoyance with these "tipsters" that are posting their services on our site, and that show up in google with their websites. They try to appeal to those that are most desperate and claim that their service will hit at a 100% rate.

This is off course impossible to achieve unless you are fixing matches, which in case you are engaging in criminal activity.

For all us other normal citizens, we need to simply rely on good old fashioned analysis of data. And the bookmakers are doing just the same, so the idea that someone can win 100% of the time is simply wrong. If there were someone like that out there, why would not the bookmakers pay them to give them tips on who they should give high odds on so that all the bettors bet on them to win, while they "know" they are going to lose?

Because it simply isn't possible, that is why.

Some smarter fake tipsters is offering money back guarantee if your tip doesn't win, which is a nicer gesture, but not one that is much better if you ask me. They still will claim their fees for about half the tips anyways, even if they are losing their customers money.

Encouraging Chasing Losses

Another wording they like to use is things like "loss recovery", "jackpot", "100% guarantee" and so on, most likely to try to get desperate people to buy into their service. In my opinion this is the lowest of the low. Kinda like how people who try to sell "medicine" to people with cancer as they know they are desperate to try anything to get healthy.

High Prices

Prices for products are usually set by the market, and the same can be said for these examples here, but in my opinion they again are trying to take advantage of desperate people that are looking to win money. They think that the price for a tip is not that important if they know that it is gonna be a winner as they can just bet high enough to off set that.

There are more to it, but I assume you get the gist of what they are trying to do. They are trying to sell you, and most of all, they want to sell to desperate people. Desperate people are not thinking clearly, and can only see the upside as they are looking to chase their losses. They will pay whatever it takes to get that one tip to get them back even.

This is the classic case of a gambling addict, one that is unable to see clear when betting, who doesn't practice bankroll management and chase losses. If you feel that you, or someone you know, might be an addict, we recommend that you stop immediately and seek help. Addiction, whatever form it comes in, is very dangerous and can ruin not only yourself, but people around you.

Here on our site, we want to give out our tips for free, so everyone has a chance to look at what we think about upcoming cricket matches. We want you to come up with your own decision as to who you think will win, so that you are in charge of your destiny yourself. This does not mean you should follow our tips blindly, but rather make up your own mind.

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