Pakistan Home Games to remain in UAE

Pakistan is set to continue it’s relationship with the Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) after the two cricket boards reached an agreement. The agreement related to the scheduling of other leagues in the United Arab Emirates at the same time as Pakistan would be playing, something which the PCB didn’t take kindly to.

Specifically, this problem related to the Afghanistan Premier League. The APL was scheduled to be played in the UAE in October, which is the same month that Pakistan will face off against both Australia and New Zealand. The ECB have also announced the introduction of a new T20 League.

According to ESPN Cricinfo, the Pakistan Cricket Board felt that having multiple leagues occurring at the same time would adversely impact the importance of their series’. A stand-off between the PCB and ECB could have caused major problems for Pakistan cricket. The UAE has been host to the majority of Pakistan home games for almost a decade, and though there have been matches played in Pakistan here and there, it is still generally off-limits for most International cricket games. The PCB have stated that they have other options, including Malaysia, available to them, but so far their relationship with the ECB has run smoothly, and there is no doubt they’d prefer it to continue.

Fortunately, the two were able to reach a resolution which appears to suit both parties. The ECB confirmed they would not host any other series’ at the same time as Pakistan were hosting International games in the UAE. The new T20 league will run in December and January, during which time Pakistan will be touring South Africa.

Cricket in the UAE is growing at a relatively rapid rate, and there’s no doubt that Pakistani cricket will gradually begin to face more potential clashes while they continue to play in the region. Their relationship with the ECB, however, remains strong, and recent comments by the ECB suggest that this relationship will continue to be prioritised. 

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