PCCT United vs Chiayi Swingers

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Match Preview


The last match of this group stage of the Taipei T10 League is going to be played between PCCT United and the Chiayi Swingers. We expect the Chiayi Swingers to be out of contention for the top-spot in the group by this match but stranger things have happened in cricket.

PCCT United, in all likelihood, could be playing for the top-spot and will be targeting this match for a big win. The points as well as the net run-rate could play a very important part in the qualification scenario.

PCCT United

PCCT United had to win a tough match in its opening encounter against the ICCT Smashers. Shahzad Muhamma and Usman Javed played a very crucial part in getting their side over the finish line. A total of 71 ican be tricky to chase and there is no doubt that PCCT United would have come away with confidence from that previous match.

We do think they are going to be a lot more aggressive in this encounter and try to make a statement. The risk here is going overboard and actually ending up with a total which is lesser than par.

None of the bowlers had a great outing and could only get some wickets late in the match. Qazi ul Haq and Danish Mehmood seem to be the best bowlers in the team and could play a bigger role in the upcoming match.

Chiayi Swingers

We do not have too much of hope from Chiayi Swinger in this tournament. Hopefully, the Chiayi Swingers can take more risk in the upcoming matches and try to go out with a bang. Their batsmen were too risk averse and seemed content to occupy the crease in the previous match.

That goes against everything that T10 stands for! There is no time to think in this format and instinctive play will be rewarded.

The batting lineup looks very think and just does not seem to have the firepower that some of the other sides do. The bowling is also quite average and it looks like the Chiayi Swingers will be waiting for mistakes to be rather than forcing them to happen by tight lines.

Pitch and Conditions

The Taipei T10 League is being played on artificial turf. This ensures that there is no change in the conditions between matches or on separate days. The ball will come on the bat nicely and the bowlers will have the opportunity to take advantage of the extra bounce.

The outfield has been decent so far although we think it is going to get quicker as the tournament progresses. The size of the boundaries is quite small and so the opportunity to clear them is always there. There is no rain forecast for match day.

Our Prediction

PCCT United is a good side and will be one of the contenders for a top spot in the group. This match could make or break its fortunes in the Taipei T10 League and so we don’t expect any letup in intensity from them.

They have the better team on paper and should be able to win.

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