PCCT United vs FCC Formosans

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Match Preview


Perhaps the match we are most looking forward to is between PCCT United and the FCC Formosans. Their group appears to be the stronger of the two groups and the teams have been paying out closer encounters so far. Both the teams playing this match have won the only other match they have played in the Taipei T10 League.

Another win in this match could see them come very close to locking up a semi-final spot. We expect no punches to be pulled in this match. 

PCCT United

PCCT United got the better of the ICC Smashers in their previous match. They won chasing, something that a few teams have managed, and the total they chased was on the higher side as well. Shahzad Muhamma played through the inning with a responsible knock while the other batted more aggressively around him.

Usman Javed smashed a few runs down the order and put the side over the line with just two balls to spare. 

A close win can make the team’s confidence sky high and this is why the PCCT United side will be confident of winning whatever they are asked to do. We are looking at the strike rates of their top-order, though, and we are a bit concerned with the lack of boundaries. This is something that PCCT United is going to have to take a close look at sooner rather than later.   

FCC Formosans

The FCC Formosans had an easier time than PCCT United in their opening match. The Formosans bowled tightly to keep the Chiayi Swingers to just 66 in their ten overs. This score is just about par and maybe a good bowling attack could defend it. 

On most days, though, the chasing team would take 66 in a heartbeat.

This is why the FCC Formosans did not need to take too many risks while chasing and managed to get over the line without any drama. Anthony Liu batted well at the top of the order while Aryadeep Mrinal was able to get some big hits away in the middle. Both of them are going to be crucial in this upcoming match as well.

Pintu Kumar seems to be the seniormost bowler of the side and the one that captain turns to when the situation is getting tight. Kumar and the other bowlers will know that they are going to get tested much more in this next match against PCCT United than in their opening match.

We like the overall balance of FCC United and the presence of some power-hitters in their side separates them from most others.   

Pitch and Conditions

The ball comes on very nicely while playing on artificial turf and that is exactly what we have seen so far. The size of the outfield is small as well so the runs can flow if a batsman gets set. We think the average scores are going to rise in this next round of matches as more and more players get used to the conditions.

A score of around 70 may start becoming par while anything above 75 is going to be a bit difficult to chase.

Our Prediction

There is not much to choose between PCCT United and the FCC Formosans on the basis of just one match. Both of them bowled in a disciplined manner and managed to put in a good batting performance. 

The higher number of sixes as well as some better cricket thinking seems to give FCC Formosans the edge in this match. The T10 format is such that any one player can win a match and both the teams have such individuals to call upon.

Bet on the FCC Formosans to win.


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