PCCT United vs ICCT Smashers

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Match Preview


PCCT United finished second in the league stage, not good enough to qualify. They were clearly one of the best teams on display, though, and would be very disappointed at having to bow out of the tournament before making a semi-final appearance.

Standing in their way is another talented team, the ICCT Smashers. This is going to be the last match in the group stage for the ICCT Smashers. A team has to top this next group stage to try and get a semi-final berth so two wins is the only way to ensure you go through.

There is nothing that the teams will be holding back and will go at each other hard.

PCCT United

PCCT United is the only team that seemed close to challenging the FCC Formosans. That was the match they lost and the one that cost them a spot in the semis. We think that PCCT United would have learned a lot from that experience. They swatted aside the ICCT Smashers and the Chiayi Swingers when they played against them earlier. 

To see them doing so again is not a very hard thing.

 Shahzad Muhamma and Usman Javed are going to be the batsmen to watch out for PCCT United. They both have shown good form in this tournament and are going to be the most important wickets for the opposition. 

We would like to see a little bit more aggression from the batsmen and a lot more dispiline from the bowlers in this match. Qazi ul Haq and Danish Mehmood are easily the best bowlers in the PCCT united side. They are the ones that are going to pose the most questions to ICCT Smashers.

ICCT Smashers

Three matches and three defeats do not leave the ICCT Smashers with much confidence coming into this match. As we have seen in the past, there is not too much a side can afford to let go wrong in a T10 match. It seems like the ICCT Smashers find a way to lose just when they have the upper hand.

The ICCT Smashers scored 97 in their previous match against the Chiayi Swingers and still ended up on the losing side. The Smashers have a decent batting lineup but its bowling leaves a lot to be desired. The Smashers will have a bit of an advantage over PCCT united coming into this match because they will have no doubts about the task ahead of them.

Pitch and Conditions

The Taipei T10 League is played on an artificial surface which is not going to vary at all day to day. This is a good solution for a small league like this because you do not want the toss or the pitch to play too much of a role.

The scores have been inching upwards and we think anything less than 80 is going to be a subpar total in this match. The outfield is pretty small and can be cleared easily.

Our Prediction

There is not too much of a difference between the two teams competing in this match. The ICCT Smashers have not won a single match and this is why an attractive price is available for them right now. Looking at the kind of batting talent that is present in the team and the nature of the T10 format, we think it is worth taking a punt on them.

Bet on the ICCT Smashers to win. (1.53 on Betway at the time of writing)


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