Play Poker Online - How To Win At Cards

This article was what made me break the idea of adding a blog to this site. I figure that there probably are a lot of other things that our readers like to read about other than purely betting and specifically online cricket betting related stuff. So we agreed that we would add a blog where we could pass on some other insights we have regarding online gambling. And I would start off the ball by writing a little about my passion: playing online poker.

Online Poker

I have been playing online since 2005. And in that time, I have made a significant amount of money. The thing is that it can be a very fun way of making some extra cash, and it used to be a really easy way of doing it awhile back, but now it has become a lot harder, but still it is a lot of bad players floating around the internet as well.

To be able to make money playing poker online, there has to be players that play worse than you. And there are several of those to be found. But if you are the best player that is, you donĀ“t need to worry about finding them. So focusing on your own game and improving it should be the main priority, but scouting for bad players is a good idea to increase your profit margins.

I have quit poker as a full-time endeavour two years ago, but I always keep coming back to playing some, and I still got it, even though I see that there has come a lot of new ideas and theories to the table. The horrible players are still there. The reason I came back, was that I had gotten a $10 free to play for gift, a token as to try to win me back, at Party Poker. I started out at the lower stakes, to give me a chance of not busting out as easily. You see, I have read our article on bankroll management, and it works for poker as well :)

How I Owned The Fish At Party Poker

At the 0.05/0.10 tables, I was able to grind it out for quite some time, before I reached $25 total. This was done by waiting for solid, premium hands, that I could play with confidence and be certain that I would have the best of it when I get it in the middle. I quickly moved up to 0.10/0.25, where I got lucky getting it all-in against KK with JJ, hitting a straight. But after that, it was all me. I scouted out horrible players left and right. Looking for players that play over 50% of their pre-flop hands, players that were pushing every hand. These can often be found at night, on the weekends, coming home from a drunken stupor, and are very, very profitable. However, it is more fun being social yourself on the weekends :P

After playing for a couple of days, I had played enough hands to release a bonus of $25 and my free $10, as well as earning some points for the Card Rush promo they were running. The grand total came to $310, where I had deposited exactly $0. So pure profit. This was a lucky run for me, but shows how easy it can be picking up free money, in a game that is quite fun to boot.

I would recommend someone who likes to play games to give it a try. I love poker, however, a word of warning, it can be quite addictive and for many (including me) the quality of life decreases as you start to lose money, which is inevitable. There are swings in poker, but those who can overcome these, will be able to make money doing this.

Where To Go From Here?

So you want to give it a go trying to play poker online? This article does not contain enough information to make you a winnin player, but I will send you over to the forums at That is the only resource I have had to use to become a winner at poker, and what a resource it is. I would start out by reading the uNL archives. This alone will let you become a winning player. After that, all you need is to find a place to play poker, and I would recommend one of the bookmakers that we have reviewed on our site, so check out our list of where to bet on sports online, as all of them also have a poker room available.

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