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The IPL 6 is well underway, and as of writing this, match 34 between Chennai Super Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad has just finished, and there are several more matches to be played before the playoffs are here, giggity! I try to watch the most possible matches, but there are two everyday, and the first one usually starts when I am at work, but Ill have it on in the background on youtube, atleast getting some glimpses. Right now, the Royal Challengers Bangalore, led by Chris Gayle, has been playing a great tournament and are leading the tournament so far, with the Chennai Super Kings right behind them. There still is many matches to be played, and I feel the Super Kings are looking very good right now. The Bangalores are maybe too dependent on their batting, but that might be enough if they get to the playoffs. The Delhi Daredevils has been really dissappointing as of late and the Sunrisers Hyderabad has not done as well as I hoped, but that was maybe as expected given that they had made so many changes to their roster before this league. However, there are more games to be played, and the rest of the league are pretty close in terms of points, and there are no teams that are standing out in terms of dominance or weakness, so a lot can happen in the next weeks. If you want to check the current standings of the IPL 2013, check out this link. It will be updated continuously throughout the tournament. If you have been following our cricket betting tips I hope that you have done good so far in terms of betting returns, and we will continue to put out our betting tips with our analysts that are following the IPL 6 very closely and figuring out the best bets as of when the games are to be played. Keep checking back or like our facebook page to get the latest tips as soon as they are released. Other than that, life is good. Summer is getting here, school is kicking up, but I am done after this semester and are looking forward to getting to work and actually get some decent disposable income. I haven't landed a job yet, but I am still looking. Anyone out there have a vacant position for an econ major? :

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