Super Weekend Football Feast

It’s rare that football fans are spoiled for choice, but this weekend is most certainly one of those rare occasions. It hardly matters which one your favourite team is, because they all seem to be kicking off at some point this weekend. You may, in fact, have to tape some of them, or run one via live stream on Bet365 whilst watching the other one on the tube.

Premier League

Manchester United will be playing against Arsenal today with the match starting at 3.05pm CET or 2.05pm GMT, depending on where you live. Two giants of the Premier League are meeting and it’s certainly going to be an interesting match. If you watch it live, don’t forget that there’ll be live betting available as well. Another match to keep you on the edge of your seats is the one between Tottenham and Swansea City. Alas, it starts at the same time as the other one, so you’re going to either have to tape it or prioritize. Or you have two screens to watch on.

Capital One Cup Final

Since Manchester City and Liverpool both had their Premier League matches against other teams postponed, it’s just as well that both teams get to play each other. Thankfully they won’t be on the field before 5.30pm CET or 4.30pm GMT. This match is going to be on live stream at Bet365, which makes it really easy for you to place some bets right then and there as well.

European Matches

Of course, the rest of Europe has some brilliant matches on offer as well. You’ll have trouble deciding which one to watch. There is Juventus Turin vs. Inter Milan on Sunday happening as well. Those two will face off at 20:45 CET on Sunday in the Juventus stadium. If the Italians aren’t your favourites, you’ll want to look to Spain instead. Real Madrid is meeting Atlético Madrid on Saturday at 4pm CET. The two big Madrid teams are sure to offer us a nice show. But it’s difficult to say who might win, because they both have the home advantage. Instead of watching Juventus vs. Inter you can catch the match between Barcelona and Sevilla on Sunday as well, though. They’ll be heading off almost at the same time, at 20:30 CET. Here Barcelona has certainly the edge over Sevilla, because the game is happening in Barcelona

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