Survey about online cricket betting

It is now closing in on 7 years (!) since I first started up this site about cricket betting and it has been a very fun ride. I have enjoyed watching and analyzing cricket matches and odds, writing about tournaments and players and also I have gotten to know plenty of other cool people that love cricket, just as I do. Now the site has grown quite a bit over the years and we are constantly trying to improve it by adding new features and articles that we believe our users would enjoy. But this is merely our own thoughts and ideas, now we want to hear what you guys, the actual users of this site, want to see featured on this website. We have created a short survey for you to fill out so we can get to know our audience a bit more and ask some questions about some features we are pondering implementing. There is also a section where you can ask for features that you maybe want to see. Are comment sections something you would like? Maybe a betting odds feed? More betting tips? Live betting tips offered on Twitter/Facebook? More articles on tournaments, teams and players? Anything other you had in mind? Please help us out by carving out our new direction coming 2016. By clicking the link below you get taken to our survey that we have created with Google Forms. It is very short, should take you about 2-3 mins to full out, unless you have a lot to talk about when it comes to suggestions to the site :) Click here to go to the survey

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