Taipei T10 League Tournament

The world of sport is at a standstill and fans have been starved of live action for a very long time now, as well as most online betting sites. Any cricket is something to celebrate in these circumstances and this is why we are thrilled that the Taipei T10 League is going to be played. Yes, the sport of cricket is not the biggest in Taipei but it may serve as an important blueprint of trying to bring back mainstream cricket in the long run.

There are eight teams that are going to be playing the Taipei T10 League and all of them are going to be live streaming across the world. Ball by ball action as well as the latest scorecards are going to be uploaded on the tournament website as well.

We are going to keep you updated with the latest cricket betting tips for Taipei T10 League that is currently going on in Taiwan. We also have an exclusive offer from Betway offering INR 250 of Free Bet on the event.

Taipei T10 Semifinal Match Tips (Updated 16-May-2020)

17-May-2020: PCCT United to win - click here to read full match preview

17-May-2020: FCC Formasans to win - click here to read full match preview

Taipei T10 Semi Qualifier Match Tips

16-May-2020: FCC Formasans to win - click here to read full match preview

Pool Qualifier Roundup (Updated 14-May-2020)

The next stage of the Taipei T10 League is almost complete and the semi-final lineup is almost set. We still have one match to go before the Super League stage of the T10 League is going to be complete as the game between the Taiwan Daredevils and the Hsinchu Titans was washed out.

That game is very important as the winner will finish second in the group, although it will not make any change to the overall semi-final lineup.

We saw some excellent cricket from PCCT United who won both their games. They dominated the tabe with massive wins thanks to a fantastic display of batting. PCCT United scored over 100 runs in both the matches including a best of 132.

Rajesh Mehta was imperious at the top of the order and will be one to watch out for in the semi-finals. The Taiwan Dragons also won both their matches and will join the others in the semi-finals of the Taipei T10 League. The margin of victory was much closer for the Taiwan Dragons than what PCCT United managed. We think this may actually be a good thing for the Taiwan Dragons since they have won two high-pressure matches in the lead up to the semi-finals.

Athula Senadeera was the best player for the Taiwan Dragons contributing with the bat and the ball as well.

One thing was clear that the standard of cricket is getting better as the teams start to understand each other better. The conditions have remained good for batting and it is great to see the players play with more freedom to try and make the most of them.

The abandoned match is going to be replayed again while the playoff between the bottom-two placed teams is going to be played on that same day as well.

Pool Qualifier Match Tips

Date Teams Betting Tips Time
09-May ICCT Smashers vs Chiayi Swingers ICCT Smashers to win at 2.00 09:00 AM
09-May PCCT United vs ICCT Smashers ICCT Smashers to win at 1.53 11:00 AM
09-May Chiayi Swingers vs PCCT United PCCT United to win at 1.53 01:00 PM
10-May Taiwan Dragons vs Hsinchu Titans Hsinchu Titans to win at 2.37 09:00 AM
10-May Taiwan Dragons v Taiwan Daredevils Taiwan Dragons to win at 1.66 11:00 AM
10-May Hsinchu Titans vs Taiwan Daredevils Hsinchu Titans to win at 1.72 01:00 PM

Group Stage Roundup (Updated 05-May-2020)

The group stage of the Taipei T10 League has completed and the top team from each group is going to go straight to the semi-finals. The remaining six teams are going to be divided into two more groups to try and fight for the remaining two spots.

The FCC Formosans topped Group B with three wins from their three matches. They have appeared to be the team to watch out so far with the most depth in batting and a fairly decent bowling attack. This is the team that is going to be on everyone’s radars as the potential winner.

The Taiwan Dragons and the TCA Indians both won two out of their three games in Group A. The teams were separated only by bet run-rate with the Taiwan Dragons being the team to make it eventually. The TCA Indians are going to be bitterly disappointed to have not qualified after coming so close but they still have another opportunity to make the semi-finals.

The ICCT Smashers were involved in a couple of close games but could not get over the line in any of them. They are the only side to not have a single victory to their name after the completion of the group stage, however, we still think they could throw up some surprises from here on in. 

Vishwajit Tawar smashed five sixes in a single inning for the Chiayi Swingers to help them get their only win. While Tawar’s big hitting prowess will help the Swingers gain favor with the bookmakers, we don’t like the balance of the side overall and think it is going to struggle in most of the remaining matches it plays. 

There is still plenty of cricket left in the Taipei T10 League and we are going to be covering every single match! Stay tuned!


Previous Match Tips

Date Teams Betting Tips Time
02-May Hsinchu Titans v Taiwan Dragons Hsinchu Titans to win at 1.67 09:00 AM
02-May Taiwan Daredevils v Taiwan Dragons Taiwan Dragons to win at 2.40 11:00 AM
02-May PCCT United v FCC Formosans FCC Formosans to win at 1.91 01:00 PM
03-May ICCT Smashers v FCC Formosans ICCT Smashers to win at 1.85 09:00 AM
03-May ICCT Smashers vs Chiayi Swingers ICCT Smashers to win at 1.61 11:00 AM
03-May PCCT United v Chiayi Swingers PCCT United to win at 1.61 01:00 PM

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Current Standings (Group A)

Taiwan Dragons 3 2 1 0 1.277 4
TCA Indians 3 2 1 0 0.223 4
Hsinchu Titans 3 1 2 0 -0.324 2
Taiwan Daredevils 3 1 2 0 -1.052 2

Current Standings (Group B)

FCC Formosans 3 3 0 0 1.672 6
PCCT United 3 2 1 0 1.353 4
Chiayi Swingers 3 1 2 0 -2.319 2
ICCT Smashers 3 0 3 0 -0.570 0

Watch Taipei T10 League Live

All the matches are available to view live on the tournament app. The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store or the App Store. You can also visit the sportstiger website.

All of the matches are being played on the weekend, although with the world on lockdown, that may not mean as much during these times! The teams participating in the Taipei T10 League include Hsinchu Titans, Taiwan Daredevils, TCS Indians, Chiyai Swingers, PCCT United, ICCT Smashers, Taiwan Dragons, and the FCC Formosans.

Format of Taipei T10 League

The eight teams have been divided into two groups. Each team plays the other in its group after which the table toppers will be granted a semi-final berth straightaway. The six teams are going to be divided into two more groups, from which the top-2 teams will join the others in the semi-finals as well.

This is a pretty fair system and ensures that every single team has something to play for. The format rewards the teams that top the group and gives those that have fallen short another chance as well. The group format is also more likely to allow the better teams to qualify rather than a one-off game where anything can happen.

The name of the tournament, the Taipei T10 League, signifies very clearly that the matches are going to be ten overs each. This is the format that has been adopted by the tournaments being played in countries where cricket is not a mainstream sport. We think it is a good idea since it is keeps the time of the matches short and ensures that matches become competitive. Any one single player can win the game for his side which keeps the matches very unpredictable as well.

Teams and Squads of the Taipei T10 League

Chiayi Swingers: Abhijeet Utekar, Deepak Mishra, Devesh Barshilia, Jeevan Galdar, Manoj Thorat, Nitish Nair, Prashant Lokhande, Pruthvi More, Rajsingh Chandan, Saurabh Hajari (C), Shriyansh Shankar, Shubham Pawar, Sidhesh Pilankar, Sourabh Patil, Swaraj Shevagan, Vishwajit Tawar, Yogesh Rajput.

FCC Formosans: Ajinkya Sharma, Amirullah Mansoori, Ankit Kumar, Anthony Liu, Arun Parappagoudar (C), Aryadeep Mrinal, Ashishkumar Singh, Craig Mitchell, Mohammed Sadique Anwar, Nitish Gupta, Omesh Bhat, Pintu Kumar, Pranay Dheer Rachakatla, Rahul Aditya, Raj Naik, Ram Shivajirao Bankar, Tom Ashton.

Hsinchu Titans: Ashish Kumar Pandey, Eknath Sarkar, Jami Hema Ganesh, Joyal Francis, Karuna Nidhi, Manikandan, Nitesh Gupta, Pramod Kumar Mandal, Rachit Agarwal, Raguram (C), Thomas Rayen, Venkatesh Goudar, Venky Rebel, Vikay Ganisetty, Vijay Kumar, Vinay MS.

ICCT Smashers: Arya Shah, Dev Shah, Devang Shah, Dirvesh Jain, Manan Shah, Manoj Ladha, Mohit Gaur, Priyesh Shah, Neel Bhimani, Nirav Shah (C), Rajesh Mehta, Sachin Bhimani, Sandeep Patel, Sandeep Roonwal, Sanjay Patel, Sanjay Zaveri, Shrey Doshi, Sonik Shah, Ujjaval Vekariya, Vinit Chattrani.

PCCT United: Amin Uddin, Ansar Ali, Asif Tanoli, Danish Mehmood, Joseph Praveen, Khalid Siddiqui, Khurame, Meer Shuib Farooque, Mohsin Khan, Mr Hatmi, Muhammad Amjad Zafar, Muhammad Mujahid (C), Muhammad Mushtaq, Ninad Malwade, Prakash Malliah, Qazi Mazhar-ul-Haq, Raja Akhtar, Saif Sindhu, Shaban Mujahid, Shahzad Khan Muhammandzai, Shiv Rawat, Usman Javed.

Taiwan Daredevils: Alan Slade, Ben Hall, Charl Toua, Charles Hayward, Christiaan du Toit, Duane Christie, George Klopper (C), Hein Nothnagel, Herman Snyman, Hugh Schalkwyk, Jeff Black, Johan Koekemoer, Louis van Niekirk, Rob Schulenburg, Tertius de Jager, Thomas Nel.

Taiwan Dragons: Adam Hopkins, Arul Arjun, Ashutosh Tiwari, Asif Hameed, Athula Senadeera, Atif Khan, Bivan Singh, Chetan Pundora, Jack Snart, Josula Rishi, Marlan Samarasinghe (C), Mohammad Rajiuddin, Rahul Nautiyal, Rajat Kumar Singh, Romil Kothari, Sachin Padghan, Santosh Yadav, Trideep Kumar.

TCA Indians: Ajay Gupta, Amit Kumar Bedaka, Girish Hiranandani, Jaysiva Ganesamurthi, Kishore Krish, Krish Veera, Krishnendu Chatterjee, Manoj Kriplani (C), Murugan Subramani, Neeraj Singh Patel, Partheeban Chinnamuthu, Praveen Kumar Chittem, Sudip Kumar Sinha, Vivek Hegde, Vivek Kumar Mahato.

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