Taiwan Dragons vs Hsinchu Titans

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Match Preview


By the time this match gets underway, the other group would have completed its matches and another team would have joined the semi-final roster. To claim the last remaining spot, the Taiwan Dragons, the Hsinchu Titans, and the Taiwan Daredevils are going to be battling with each other.

This first match is going to be between the Taiwan Dragons and the Hsinchu Titans.

The last time these two teams met, the Taiwan Dragons won the match by 20 runs. That result is going to be fresh on the minds of both the teams as they try to secure a semi-final spot. A loss here could mean an early end to the Taipei T10 League. 

Taiwan Dragons

The Taiwan Dragons showed their batting might the last time they played agaist the Hsinchu Titans. The Dragons racked up a total of 112, the largest total for any side in the Taipei T10 League 2020 edition. They were helped by the fact that all four of their top-order batters got a start and scored at a very high strike-rate. 

Rishi Josula, Athula Senadeera, Adam Hopkins, and Bivan Singh are going to be full of confidence when they take the field for the Taiwan Dragons. Rishi Jusula, in particular, is probably the best batsman of the side and is going to shoulder a lot of responsibility for getting the needed runs.

We often see a few players take up most of the responsibility in lower –tier tournaments like these and it is no different for the Taiwan Dragons. Rishi Josula and Adam Hopkins are also the team’s leading bowlers. 

The backup roster of bowlers is a bit weak and that is something that can be exploited. 

Hsinchu Titans

The Hsinchu Titans may not have won the previous match they played against the Taiwan Dragons but they went down fighting. The Titans were able to get to a total of 92, a pretty good total in most matches, and did not give up till the end.

The fact that this total was achieved without any help from Manikandan, their best player, is also something to be appreciated. Batsmen like Jayal Francis and Rachit Agarwal will be required to stand up for the Hsinchu Titans this time around and make more of an impact.

Raguram was the pick of the bowlers in the previous encounter between these two meetings but no one was particularly impressive. The entire bowling attack will have to do much better in this match to try and be competitive. 

We don’t think there is much of a difference between the bowling capabilities of the two teams and the contest is going to come down to a batting shootout.

Pitch and Conditions

The conditions at the Taipei T10 League have been very consistent right through the tournament. The artificial turf does not change and the weather conditions have not varies much so far either. We don’t think there is anything that is going to change for this upcoming match either.

The weather is forecast to be good for cricket and the players will enjoy being out there. A score of around 80 should be considered par from this point on.

Our Prediction

The Taiwan Dragons may have won the previous match against the Hsinchu Titans by 20 runs but that does not stand for much. A T10 contest is pretty unpredictable at the best of times and we don’t think there is much separating these sides. The odds being offered are pretty attractive for the Hsinchu Titans and we no hesitation in taking them. They could very well be on the right side of this result.

Bet on the Hsinchu Titans to win. (2.37 on Betway at the time of writing)


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