Taiwan Dragons vs Taiwan Daredevils

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Match Preview


This could be the final match of the Taipei T10 League for the Taiwan Dragons as this is their last scheduled group match. That is assuming the Taiwan Dragons lose one of their two matches. If they win their previous match, then this match could be the one that puts the Taiwan Dragons in semi-final.

Both the teams competing in this match have everything to play for and this is why they are not going to be taking any steps backward. The competition between the Taiwan Dragons and the Taiwan Daredevils was close when they met in earlier matches which is why we think another close encounter is likely.

Taiwan Dragons

The Taiwan Dragons are a strong batting team and that is how they are going to win their matches. They hold the record for the highest total in the Taipei T10 League so far and would be hoping for another strong showing from their top-order. 

Players such as Rishi Josula, Athula Senadeera, Adam Hopkins, and Bivan Singh have shown the ability to attack the opposition bowling from the start and keep the pressure on. Unlike some other teams in this competition, the Taiwan Dragons have a decent amount of batting depth in their side.

Rishi Josula and Adam Hopkins are going to be the players leading the bowling attack as well. That is not something entirely uncommon in a tournament like this where a few gifted players tend to dominate. He Dragons would want to avoid being too reliant on just a few players, though, as that is a recipe for disaster. 

Taiwan Daredevils

The Taiwan Daredevils were smashed by seven wickets the last time these two teams met. It was a heavy defeat that is not going to be forgotten in a hurry. The Taiwan Daredevils have failed to live up to their name in the Taipei T10 League so far.

Their batting has been cautious and keener on batting out the ten overs rather than get to a winning total. This betrays a lack of confidence in the team and the batting depth. The Taiwan Daredevils will look at Duane Charles or Jeff Black to lead the way with the bat and hopefully be able to perform much better than they have been.

The bowling is not much to write about either. Bits and pieces all-rounders who are intent on just getting through the overs without really trying for wickets form the majority of the bowling attack. That is not a recipe for success. 

Pitch and Conditions

The conditions in Taipei have been pretty good for cricket so far and the same is expected to continue. The playing surface is not going to change at all while the outfield is a bit qquicker than what we saw in the first couple of days of the competition.

The average scores have increased and anything less than 80 should be considered chaseable.

Our Prediction

The Taiwan Dragons have a big advantage over the Taiwan Daredevils in both the batting and the bowling department. We don’t see the Taiwan Daredevils pose much of a challenge to the Taiwan Dragons in this match.

Bet on the Taiwan Dragons to win. (1.66 on Betway at the time of writing)


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