This Week in Gambling

I have recently come across a new video stream that is quite interesting. This Week in Gambling features a 24-hours stream that discusses industry news and events. This is especially valuable to affiliates and pros who are using several bookmakers at a time, where they have severe risk related to keeping money online and need to keep themselves updated on which bookies are solvent and doing legitimate work.

Lately, I have been following the scandal over at SBRforum. They have been the watchdog for sports bettors online for the last years, but recently, it has surfaced that they are a shady group, just pushing the bookmakers that makes them the most money. Some of this news where covered on this video stream, which would be crucial information for those who are not in the loop all the time. You can read more about this sherade over at twoplustwo as well (I recommend this sports betting forum if you want to learn how to bet to win), here is the link: SBR discussion thread

This Week in Gambling Video Stream

There obviously is a lot of commercials (hey, this thing has to be funded somehow!) and not always something that is relevant to your situation, but do like I do: keep it on in the background when I do website work, grind poker or look for profitable sport bets. I always find a little news snippet that I would like to investigate further, maybe an idea for a new website I could make or maybe a great promotion going on at a poker site. It never hurts to be a little more informed in the industry that you spend a lot of time in.

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