Some thoughts on the sportsbooks featured on our website

Not so long ago, we created a page on our site which collected all the sites which we use to bet on cricket online. You can find these sites here. Now, this list is a lot more fluid in practice, where we try out sportsbooks all the time that offers new promotions and have great prices, but that does not mean we update the list right after we have deposited at a new bookie and placed a bet. We will give it some time before we decide to add it to our list and give our thoughts, we cannot glean everything from the first couple of days and bets :) Now not much will change with the sites we have in our arsenal. Most of them are really top notch. Bet365 is our clear favorite which are ace at almost everything: great promotions, wide selection of bets, live betting, free streaming of games, you name it. They remain our sportsbook with the highest recommendations. Although Bet365 is (in our opinion) the best sportsbook for cricket betting, that does not mean you should settle with just that one. The best thing to do when you want to win money betting online is to have money at as many sportsbooks as possible, to take advantage of the different odds that are being offered at all times. Also to take advantage of promotions and wider selections that some have, like the online betting site at William Hill which have, bar none, the best selection of events covered in the cricket world. If you like to bet on smaller leagues, then you need this betting site in your arsenal. Other sites that are a must are Pinnacle Sports with their great betting lines and TitanBet that is much like Bet365 in its versatility. Some sites are optional, like Bovada which is a must for US bettors and Betcoin Sports are for those who want to gamble using Bitcoin. So the list will keep the same sportsbooks as always, but look for new additions in the coming weeks, as well as some updates on the reviews. We have tried and tested DafaBet, BetVictor and some other sportsbooks that we are looking to maybe add to our list of recommended sites. Keep checking back for updates and we will let you know our thoughts. As always, we are looking for your thoughts and experiences using the sites, so please tell us what you think of these betting sites by contacting us

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