Top ten twitter accounts to follow during the World Twenty20 India 2016

twitter-logo The World T20 is just four short days away and, while the players limber up for four weeks of intense competition, the Twittersphere is also priming itself for another epic tournament of good humour, epic debate and acid put-me-downs. But which Twitter accounts should you make sure you’re following to get the most out of the World T20 experience? Online Cricket Betting runs the top 10 down for you right here…  

10. Opta Jim @OptaJim

If you like numbers, this is the account for you. Want to know how many minutes Chris Gayle has spent at the crease in T20 cricket or what the average score is batting first after a monsoon in Mumbai – Jim has got it covered. This is the place for dyed-in-the-wool statisticians to gather round and gawp at a steady stream of the irreverent and irrelevant.  

9. Harsha Bogle @bhogleharsha

Legendary Indian commentator Harsha Bogle is a prolific tweeter, unafraid to express an opinion and eloquent as he does so. His Twitter account mixes the anecdotal and the critical into a neat and tidy bundle. His news and views are both essential to a cricket lover’s continued education about the game.  

8. Shahid Afridi @SAfridiOfficial

The Pakistani could be entering the international fray for the final time at the World T20 and it would be daft not to make the most of Boom Boom before he decides he’s ready to retire. While his social media activity isn’t as explosive as his batting, Afridi gives plenty of insight into what it’s like to be one of the biggest names on the sub-continent with a regular flow of pictures from his daily life.  

7. MS Dhoni @msdhoni

For the captain of the Indian national team, MS Dhoni doesn’t like to tweet about cricket. Recently, followers have seen pictures of him jumping out of a plane, holding a pair of shoes, playing football and riding a motorbike. But hey, it’s nice to change things up.  

6. Chris Gayle @henrygayle

Whatever your take on the West Indian’s comments towards an Australian journalist at the start of the year, Chris Gayle’s general pseudo-masculine, undyingly self-assured Twitter feed is an engaging mix of boastfulness and pictures of the dynamic opener in sunglasses. It won’t be to everyone’s tastes but Gayle tweets like he bats – with arrogance, aggression and a hint of style.  

5. International Cricket Council @ICC

Following the World T20’s organisers guarantees a varied and behind-the-scenes look into the tournament. Yes, it may all be a bit on the sanitised PR side, but there’ll be plenty of updates from across the competition as well as match commentary. Get following.  

4. David ‘Bumble’ Lloyd @BumbleCricket

While you may need an intricate understanding of a Lancastrian sense of humour to fully appreciate the stream-of-consciousness musings of the veteran TV commentator, David Lloyd is more than just a funny voice screaming ‘start the car’. As a former international cricketer and coach of the English national team, Lloyd is in prime position to talk about every nook and cranny of the elite game. And he does so with a smile, a very British lilt and an uncanny knack of making folks laugh.  

3. Virat Kohli @imVKohli

Another man on whom an entire country is placing their faith, Virat Kohli’s account might just give an idea of the thought processes top players have to go through during major competitions. Once you get past the non-stop stream of selfies, that is.  

2. Kevin Pietersen @KP24

He won’t be involved at the crease during this year’s tournament but that sure as hell isn’t going to stop Kevin Pietersen wading in with a few big hits. The former England batsman, currently locked out of his own country’s dressing room, doesn’t shy away from expressing his opinion, is happy to spark debate and evidently knows a thing or two about the mechanics of the sport. If you can put up with the mutual back-slapping ritual he engages in with TV personality Piers Morgan, then KP will keep tweeters entertained for a long, long time.  

1. Online Cricket Betting @CricketBettings

Oh, come on now. You knew we weren’t going to miss ourselves off the list. Follow our Twitter account for insight from the tournament, news and views, betting advice and much, much more