Upcoming Cricket Series

The year 2013 is quickly coming to an end, but the cricket action is not about to slow down. For those who love to watch (and bet) this sport, there are plenty of reasons to look forward to the year end and the new year of 2014. We have had some great tournaments and games being played this year, and there are even more to come. The Ashes are about to get started in a couple of days, and I bet the Aussies, the English and all other cricket fans are looking forward to this great rivalry between two great cricket nations. Who will emerge victorious? We have our predictions, so be sure to come back to our site to get the latest betting tips. Personally, I look forward to the Big Bash League 2013 that is starting out right before Christmas, so I get to watch some intense T20 cricket matches in conjunction with the excitement of NFL football at the tail end of the year. Since I am new to the cricket scene (relatively speaking), I have taken a real liking to the T20 format. It is quicker and concludes faster, which makes it more intense in my opinion. Test matches and ODI's are still great, but I understand why most leagues move to this newer format. It is a lot more friendly for the audience, seeing that it is concluded a lot faster. That way you can churn around the stadium attendance and get higher admission revenue. Sucks for us, but good for the sport as a whole I think. And speaking of which, the T20 World Cup is not all that far away either. The qualifiers are well underway, and I am looking forward to the see the final lineup for the tournament. The Netherlands are looking good, as well as Hong Kong and Ireland. But there are still several games to be played, and the main event isn't untill well into 2014, but boy I can't wait.

Another Website Update

I talk about this about 2-3 times a year, but this time it was a somewhat bigger change. I made a complete revamp of the website design as some of you might notice. I really like it and it has sparked some inspiration to write on a wider range of topics. On that note, I wanted to know if there are any specific topics you, my readers, wanted me to address. I have gotten some great feedback already, and I will try to put up some more articles on the tournaments being played, as well as previews for them, some player profiles, in-play betting tips and other stuff. But I still would like to see if you want to read about anything else. Do you like this list, or is there something you don't like? Please contact us and let us know what you think, I greatly appreciate any and all feedback. Good and bad

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