Video Analysis of the WT20 Final England vs West Indies

Youtube-Cover Online Cricket Betting is striving to provide you with the best cricket material online. That is why we have chosen to make a video analysis for the final in India 2016 World Twenty20 Cricket Championship. The game was between England and West Indies. England was maybe viewed as favorites, but the West Indies had shown tremendous strength with beating India on their homefield. The final turned out to be a real nail biter and we all were very excited to see the finish the West Indies put in to bring home the victory. We hope you enjoy the video and we hope that you let us know what you think and share it with your friends. CLICK HERE to go to Online Cricket Bettings Youtube Channel for more videos! The video was hosted by Ram Mani. His youtube channel can be found here. In the meanwhile get ready for the IPL! We will be posting preview for this years IPL soon and betting tips follow shortly