Watford vs Liverpool: Premier League 12th August

The Game

This could be the highest scoring game of the opening Premier League season. Liverpool got off to a high scoring start last season and I predicted it with a few big wins early on. I’m hoping they do the same here against Watford and I will be predicting a similar result.


Watford have a new manager for this Premier League season. He has been the biggest addition and perhaps the most important one, but they have also signed Cleverly, Will Hughes and a few other decent players. There are no superstars there yet, no players you would describe as sensational and no one that could really make them a top of the table team. But they will set their sights on avoiding relegation, so I’m sure they won’t mind. I saw a lot of flaws in the Watford team last season, but they had a couple of strong players that carried the team, both mentally and physically. If those players can step up again and if they can support them with a couple strong signings, then they should be able to avoid relegation with ease. As far as doing anything better, such as a top of the table finish or even a Europa League place, it’s just not realistic. They are far too far away from that goal.


Liverpool are currently battling with Barcelona over Coutinho. He is one of the best midfielders in the Premier League and I think they need to do everything in their power to keep him. Especially when you consider how much money is being thrown around elsewhere. If average players are worth 50 million and twice that is being quoted for players who have really only been at the top of their game for a year, then Coutinho is worth a lot more. At this rate, if they were to sell him for £100 million they would never get anyone to replace his worth for that amount. Salah has been touted as a big signing for them, but I can’t see him doing much in the Premier League. He will need time to settle in, and you just don’t get that anymore. Robertson, who signed from Hull, has a very bright future and is a fantastic player that has been overlooked, while Solanke will be a decent squad booster. So far, Liverpool have only lost fringe players and they ned to make sure it remains that way because Liverpool’s strength is not in the players they have signed or potentially have coming in, but the players that were growing last season and are ready to take on the world this season. There are many of them in the Liverpool squad. They are one of the best teams to watch last season and I can’t wait to see them tear up the Premier League this season.

The Tip

Like I said at the start of this piece, I think that Liverpool will win big here. Watford will no doubt score at least one against them, but we should see the best of the Reds as they look to run riot in the opening game. You could get your money on the away win and even on the handicap. But I think the best bet is for there to be more than 4 goals, and even more than 5 if you’re feeling lucky.