Why Do You Bet?

Might seem like a stupid question you might think, but the reason why I pose this question is because of last sunday, where I was watching the NFL, I found it funny how different I were acting when betting with my friends and how I treat my betting I do myself. You see, I have been betting for about 3 years, and have made good money doing this for all this time. However, betting with my buddies (where we pool money together and place bets on the games we watch) have yielded dismal results. Why is this? The main protagonist here, is the fun factor. We bet on the games on Sunday night mostly for fun, and thus we just look for bets on the games we wanna watch, we are not looking for the best betting opportunities.

Betting for fun vs. betting for profit, must they be mutually exclusive?

The thing is that you don´t have to lose when you are betting for fun, but it will most likely end up that way. The reason is that you are forcing a bet, when you are most likely not finding any value. However, this does not need to be a bad thing. Most like to bet for the fun of it, and I, that know that we are getting the worst of it by betting on NFL sunday, does not care. Even though that I know that we are most likely to lose our money betting, is fine with it. I just jolt it down as a cost of having fun, and who knows, maybe we win some for a nice run before we bust out.

This is what needs to echo for those looking to bet, are you doing it for fun or for profit? Cause your mindset needs to be vastly different in both of them. If you are to bet for fun, just deposit what you don´t mind losing and bet on whatever game you are watching for some added excitement. Do not get emotional about the money, try to consider them lost, this makes it easier to handle potential losses.

Betting for profit is something else. You should now deposit only what you can afford to lose as well, but when you are betting, don´t force any bets. Just because there is a game on, you don´t have to bet if there is´nt any value to be found on the game. You also should be more critical of your methods and don´t be swayed by others bets.

So be honest with yourself. If you are continually betting on the games you are watching, you are most likely doing it for fun and should not be to concerned with winning, but it is´nt for nothing, you are just paying for entertainment. And who knows, you might be lucky and end up on the positive side of a huge swing!

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